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  1. J.R.

    3 AIhydra 26HD & Rollermat

    Looking to clear out some things, thinking of moving. We are in southjersey, 5 minutes from TSM! 3 AI Hydra 26HD lights, pretty much brand new (other than collecting dust) had set them up and then taken down because of a switch to Radions. Looking for 250$ each. If anyone is interested I have...
  2. J.R.

    New SPS tank!

    Hey guys! its been awhile since I updated my old builds/done something new. Our old tanks are still up and running but I decided I wanted to try something 'new'. Sooooo I bought a red sea reefer 525XL and it gets here tomorrow! So some of the things I wanted to focus on in this build was...
  3. J.R.

    Hey everyone!

    Steph and I took a bit of time away from the hobby due to us having our daughter! We are finally getting back in gear with things now that shes 7 months old. We have a new build starting tomorrow as long as the shipment comes in! Hope to see you all around once the crazyness ends! I will most...
  4. J.R.

    Tunze osmolator 3155 ATO

    I tried it, didn't like it. Its in perfect working condition, have had it for under a year. Comes with everything, other than velcro to mount it because that was used. Asking 150$ Located in south jersey, woodbury heights. Willing to meet halfway if a distance. Sorry that the pictures are...
  5. J.R.

    Gryphon Band Saw and 6 Stage RODI

    Edit: Saw sold, RODI still available I have a used Gryphon Band Saw and 5 Stage RODI, has a TDS meter, that I need to part with. Both are in good condition. Asking 250$ for the band saw (I am the second owner and it works fine), 100$ for the RODI ,which I will clean up nicely its just...
  6. J.R.

    WTB MP40/MP60

    Looking to buy some MP40s and 60s. I need two or one of each. thanks!
  7. J.R.

    tank move

    I know this is short notice but looking for help moving a 180 out of the house and a 300 gallon tank in this Saturday 9-10am. Already have 4 confirmed people but could use more. If interested feel free to message me. Located in Woodbury Heights NJ. You get to help a fellow reefer out and see...
  8. J.R.

    Would you buy a leaking tank?

    Ive lately seen a couple of people trying to sell tanks that have a leak somewhere (larger tanks) but are selling for really good prices. Ive seen these on craigslist and in some LFS. Personally I have never resealed a tank and dont know if I feel comfortable doing so but if its a good enough...
  9. J.R.

    Short Spine Urchin Diet?

    We have a purple short spine urchin in a 40B and we were going to move our christmas tree worm rock into that same tank because we cant really see it well in our main display. Would this just be a snack for the urchin? Id rather favor the christmas tree worms over the urchin.
  10. J.R.


    Im not sure how much youtube everyone watches, I probably watch too much. It seems that Coralfish12g, along with others, has put together an aquarium show in Chicago. Its from August 18th-19th. Website: Aquachella & R2R thread Has anyone else heard about this? It seems interesting, dont...
  11. J.R.

    where do you buy your metal halide bulbs?

    Hey so I am having the hardest time finding a place that has a 250w Giesemann megachrome coral double end bulb in stock. Does anyone know of a place where I can get them or something that is similar to them?
  12. J.R.

    Clown tang with cut?

    Hey guys so we noticed our clown tang was acting a bit more shy than usual. He is currently in 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tank QT system. Other fish in the system with him purple tang with lateral line in a pond basket and a orange spot file fish which is also in a pond basket so he doesn't...
  13. J.R.

    Purple Tang With Lateral Line Disease

    So a week ago we picked up a Purple Tang with Lateral Line Disease. The fish was only 40$ how could be not go for it? Right now he is in our 100 gallon stock tank QT, no copper treatment yet, and being fed food soaked in selcon. He has a great color, size and is eating well. How long should we...
  14. J.R.

    IM Nuvo Fusion 10 gallon tank

    Hey guys! Its finally here, the progress of the Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 10 gallon tank... that we won at the raffle at Reefapalooza NY 2017 :) We placed the tank in our kitchen, since its smaller and our basement is getting cramped (full of tanks, but thats another thread to come) we...
  15. J.R.

    Long Tentacle Anemone

    So this is our second attempt at an LTA. This one is MUCH bigger (will get a picture tonight if possible) and he seems to be much healthier than the first one. I know they generally want 3-4 inch sand beds, which we have a few spots in our tank where it comes up to 3 inches. Are there any...
  16. J.R.

    Our first salt water tank! (warning many big images!)

    So my wife and I had just lost our 4 year old betta fish Fred III (she has always named her bettas Fred). After burying him in our back yard in a ring box under a tree we decided to go look at getting a new one. It actually took us 2-3 weeks to decide to get another one, we get attached to our...