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  1. coralcruze


    Price dependant on size. From $155 ‐215 Pm is key...
  2. coralcruze

    Chaeto wont grow...?

    Chaeto wont grow... actually getting soft and falling apart... has this happened to anyone? Can someone explain why my no3 Is 5 po4 is .07 cal is 450 alk is 8dkh salinity 1.026 temp is 78 so levels a pretty close to perfect. I feed heavy yet chaeto won't grow... also have hair algae in my sump...
  3. coralcruze

    Frag tank clear out CHEAP PRICES.

    Hello NJRC, alot of you know me on Manhattan reefs and I have been lurking in here for a while and alot of you have already been out to me so figured I would let you know a little more about me. I have been in the reef keeping hobby for nearly 24 years. My system is a 200 gallons thieving...