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  1. Jph

    Pink Birdnest frag

    The one in the pic is already spoken for. I can cut a new one for $15 if you are willing to pick up at absolutely fish tomorrow.
  2. Jph

    Vortech mp40es W

    Anyone interested in a trade? Pump is currently in use and works as it should (also connected to my reeflink and EcoSmart account). I am the original purchaser and owner. Text me interested: 732-259-9150.
  3. Jph

    Pink Birdnest frag

    Anyone interested? It’s the only one that I have left. Please let me know. Located in Clifton and free all day tomorrow. Planning on going to absolutely fish and likely sea level. Please feel free to text: 732-259-9150
  4. Jph

    Wanted ecotech and Neptune gear and more!

    Not sure if you are still looking, but I am getting ready to pull out my vortech mp40w ES. It works perfect, software all current, just NOT mobius ready. It’s currently running on my tank and connected to my reeflink/EcoSmart live account. Please let me know if interested.
  5. Jph

    TekLight 6 bulb T5 fixture

    Unfortunately no pics. Have not used this light fixture in years. I cleaned it up and stored after switching to LED. Kept it as a back up in case the LEDs ever went down. I will say I miss T5 lighting, my corals back then had great color and grew out at exponential rates.
  6. Jph

    TekLight 6 bulb T5 fixture

    Refreshing this thread. Still have this 6 bulb T5 fixture if anyone is interested.
  7. Jph

    It appears this site has a hacker

    Got this in my inbox… do NOT open the link. I am sure that is likely obvious to everyone….
  8. Jph

    Diana’s build

    Go buy a batch of ghost shrimp or a few fiddler crabs and toss them in. If you have a mantis shrimp you will find out quickly. They are usually very aggressive towards other crustaceans and not shy about hunting them down. Not sure you need to wait til twilight.
  9. Jph


    I have 4 doubles heads of branching hammer if your interested. I am in Clifton, but can meet you at sea level. The pic below is from before I fragged the front of it.
  10. Jph

    Duncan coral 20+ heads

    I have a very long term captive Duncan coral with 20+ heads on it that I would like find a better home for. Can’t really break this up as I do not have the saw needed to create clean cut frags. It’s about the size of a fist when closed up. Open to any trades. Located in Clifton.
  11. Jph

    Blue tort frags

    All frags are spoken for. I have this “chunk” left if anyone is interested? The parent colony was reaching out over and shading corals below it. I went in and cut from the edge. Nice piece, but can’t really mount it as the fracture is on the side Healthy tissue all the way around and under...
  12. Jph

    Blue tort frags

    Down to only 3 frags and 2 that are pending. Anything leftover will be gone by Saturday afternoon. Please let me if anyone else is interested.
  13. Jph

    Blue tort frags

    Just made more frags of blue miyagi tort. Open to any trades for other sps or zoanthids. Located in Clifton, please text me if interested. 732-259-9150. Will provide more pics upon request. I also managed to break off a huge chunk of the parent colony. Too big to attach to a plug.
  14. Jph

    Marine depot clearance sale

    Can anyone recommend a good biopellet reactor that is still available on their site? Figured this might be a good time to upgrade, but also don’t want to needlessly waste money on something that is just “ok.” Is Aquamaxx a good brand?
  15. Jph

    Hammer coral for trade

    I have this 6 head branching hammer coral I would like to move out. It is 3 - double heads and I am willing to break up if needed. Looking to diversify and trade for other euphylia- torches, hammers, or frogspawn. Doesn’t need to be designer. Text me what you have in exchange: 732-259-9150. The...
  16. Jph

    Green nepthea and green toadstools

    1 decent sized green leather remains.,I am up for a while and can hold til tomorrow noon.
  17. Jph

    Green nepthea and green toadstools

    2 toadstools and the larger nepthea picked up. 1 of each left…. Speak now or forever drool over a small frag in the expensive section of your LFS.
  18. Jph

    Looking to trade Zoas for pretty much anything. Let me know what you have to offer. 07921

    I have a green toadstool and a green nepthea. Any interest? I am in Clifton. Both are generous sized. Not in tip top shape, and need tlc, but you will thank me later.
  19. Jph

    Green nepthea and green toadstools

    Just pulled these out of a neglected tank tear down for a family member (gave up due to age and lack of interest). The tank had a very bad algae issue, but the corals where all growing and thriving. As you can see the neptheas are large. Will need some sort of rehab as they were kept under a...
  20. Jph

    Red serpent Starfish

    I current have 5 of these in my main display and they have outgrown my tank and It’s getting a little chaotic during feeding time so looking to rehome 2 of them. These are ophioderma squamosissimus and are endemic to the carribean. Very cool and great color. As you know these are very rare and...