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    Happy Birthday Ed (EdwardW771)

    happy birthday
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    Happy Birthday, Brian!

    Thanks, Bill!
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    Happy Birthday, Brian!

    Whew...Just got home! Thanks again for all the Birthday Wishes!
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    Happy Birthday, Brian!

    Thanks, gang! I'm actually working today so I can't totally enjoy my birthday...but Genevieve did have a nice "Diego" party for me last night! :)
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    2 Tunze 6100 Stream Pumps + MultiController (South Plainfield)

    Pumps and Magnets are sold. Multicontroller is still available: $150.00
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    Happy Birthday, Bob!
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    Happy Birthday Paul (RedFishBlueFish)

    Happy Birthday, Paul.
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    Help: Lost most of my fish today really worried!!!!

    Yes, they were donations to the club, of course with the intent to give them a good home, but I'm not sure that meant for free. In fact, The club has always taken donations with the purpose of raising money for NJRC.
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    It could be shedding. One thing i've learned in my limited years of reefing is that leather corals are WEIRD. They can go from looking beautiful, to terrible and back again for no apparent reason. I would give it a few days before you try anything drastic.
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    Oh God no! I still remember looking at it..."Ohh, it looks so nice and velvety!"
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    I have a bunch, but one that sticks out in my mind is when I saw red cyano in my bosses tank at work...thought it was cool looking algae...siphoned a bunch out of the tank and put it in mine. I gave myself cyano!!
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    Happy Birthday dnov99

    Happy Birthday, Darren!
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    Need Help with T5s

    Nope! Just the regular Tek Light.
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    Need Help with T5s

    So far it seems like they aren't heating the room at all. We'll see in the summertime though. I believe the dimensions they list are for the entire fixture and there isn't any acrylic lens cover. I have the fixture hanging inside of my canopy. I wanted to get a 6' fixture (the ATI that James...
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    Need Help with T5s

    Daniel, FWIW I just replaced my 3 x 250 + 2 VHO's with T5's. I purchased a TEK T5 8 bulb fixture. It's a 5 foot fixture on a 6 foot tank. I really couldn't notice a difference, and neither could the corals! The only thing is that I'm not keeping SPS. But I do have Acans on the bottom of the...
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    2 Tunze 6100 Stream Pumps + MultiController (South Plainfield)

    I Recently changed my pumps, I am no longer keeping SPS so I don't need the flow that these provide any longer. 2 Tunze 6100.10 Stream Pumps w/Magnet Holders 1 7095 Multi Controller $450.00 for the 2 pumps, controller and magnet holders. You will probably need to replace one of the clips...
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    Lighting for sale: South Plainfield, NJ

    Finally got around to taking some pictures: Ballasts: End Caps For VHO Retro: Reflectors (I have 3 of these): Mogul Mount Blue Moonlight:
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter!
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    N.J. toll collectors to get customer service training?

    Yeah, I have a buddy that refuses to get it for that reason. He thinks the "the man" is watching. I always figured that if "they" want to find you, they will. lol I've been waiting for them to start checking your time between tolls. Now, THAT would suck!
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    HerbieK - great guy