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  1. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Stem Class

    I was hoping you guys could help me get the word out by sharing this flyer on your social media. In return, I would like to offer a similar class to the children of NJReefers at no charge. I will run the NJReefer class mid June through July. More details to follow. Please shoot me a message so...
  2. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Please help

    My 220 display is quickly deteriorating. Please offer suggestions on how to resolve. If it’s algae I know I have to reduce the light and the nutrients but if it’s something else I could use some advice. I’ve cleaned a number of times and it breaks up and ends up all over the tank. Also once...
  3. Coral Reef To Classroom


    I had floated this idea once before and I didn't get any response. Maybe it was thought of as a joke. Who actually requests aiptasia? Well I have a Reef in a Jar program I am very close to launching and I need hardy inhabitants. So if you have a small piece of rock with aiptasia or mojanos you...
  4. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Sergeant Majors

    I have a possible pair. Large one is 4-5 inches the other around 3 inches. Let me know what you have.
  5. Coral Reef To Classroom

    What makes it a bounce?

    Wondering if someone can explain the criteria for determining a bounce mushroom?
  6. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Reef Jar Build Par 38 Bulb

    Can someone please tell me if I need a special light fixture for par 38 led? Will any desktop light fixture work? I recently picked up a Luxbird led par 38 bulb but can't find info on light fixture requirements.
  7. Coral Reef To Classroom

    ID Please

  8. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Chalice chunk

    5 inch diameter chunk of Hollywood stunner. $50 Howell, 07731
  9. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Softies package

    5 assorted zoa and paly. 1 neon green mushroom. 1 finger leather. 1 Xenia. 1 Kenya tree. 1 GSP. Ten frags in total. $100 Howell, 07731
  10. Coral Reef To Classroom


    6 stalks about 3-5 inches tall attached to rock. $50 Howell, 07731
  11. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Cactus Pavona

    One green and one brown. Nice size pieces. $50 each or bother for $80. Howell, 07731
  12. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Monti and chalice

    One purple monti, one green monti, and one green chalice. Pieces are about 2 inches. All three for $50. Howell 07731
  13. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Frogspawn and Hammer

    Buy one head of each for $50 or two heads of each for $80. Howell 07731
  14. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Aqua Illuminations Controller

    So I just heard back from AI and was told they can not help me with my crapped out controller. The light is working perfectly fine. Any chance someone has a controller for the older Hydra 26 that's not needed anymore?
  15. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Soft Corals

    Kenya tree and finger leather frags. Located in Howell. 07731
  16. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Fish for sale

    Hi. I am looking to rehome some fish. 20 inch snowflake eel 2 sergeant major $70 for all Located in Howell, 077731 Please bring buckets with lids.
  17. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Coral Frags For Sale

    Mushrooms, Euphyllia, Birds Nest, Pocillipora, Leathers, Brown Gorgonian, Chalice, Montipora, Pavonia, Zoa. Plan to post more pictures. I have many more than what’s pictured so you are welcome to come by and take a look. Located in Howell. Mushrooms $20 Birds Nest $20 Pocillipora Colony $100...
  18. Coral Reef To Classroom

    RBTA for sale

    I have some very nice rose bubble tip anemones. One of them has moved from the live rock to the glass making it easy to remove. Not sure how long he will stay there. $100. I also have a recent bud. $40 Pick up in Howell, 07731.
  19. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Green slimer help

    Struggling to keep green slimer alive. Coral was very healthy when I got it about 3 weeks ago. First it browned a bit, then it started losing tissue. It starts to look better and then it browns and loses more tissue. Monti and birds nest seem to be doing just fine. I did have an alkalinity drop...
  20. Coral Reef To Classroom

    Would you like to re home your unwanted majano? unwanted rubble rock?

    I know it sounds crazy. Who would want majano? I can use your unwanted majano for a project I have planned. If you are nearby Howell (20-30 minute drive) I can come by for a curbside pickup. Also looking for unwanted rubble rock.