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  1. redfishbluefish

    Nano Arctica Titanium Chiller 1/20 HP

    FREE - Nano Arctica Titanium Chiller, 1/20 horsepower (model DBI-038). This was originally included on the JBJ28 that came with HQI lights. I immediately changed the lighting to LEDs and never used this chiller. Here are the specs on the chiller. · Model: Nano Arctica DBI-038 · Horsepower...
  2. redfishbluefish

    55 Tank with Metal Stand and 20 Tall with 20 Long Stand

    Passing on the love after picking up the 12G from @amado . First up is a 55 gallon with painted sides, back and bottom. It can be easily scrapped off. Note the bottom brace is cracked, but doesn't effect tank integrity. If it were me, I'd slap some epoxy or silicone on it. See picture...
  3. redfishbluefish

    FREE - Perfecto Four Foot T12 lights

    Two four foot Perfecto lights up for grabs. I used these over a 75 gallon freshwater tank, but will also fit a 55. Good for a saltwater FO or FOWL. One has a brand new bulb. Pickup in Sayreville.
  4. redfishbluefish

    Curb Alert - Six Foot Tank

    There's a six foot non-reef ready tank on the curb on Rhodes Street in Sayreville....might be a 180. If wanted, need to get it NOW because it's out there for big pickup.
  5. redfishbluefish

    Photobucket is Scumbucket

    Photobucket is no longer free for third party hosting! On top of that, any past post, here's the picture you now see: For me, that's over 2000 pictures. No notice or heads up.
  6. redfishbluefish

    Decided To Go LED on the Big Tank

    The 500 watt bulb crapped out in the big tank and @Timkatz71 convinced me to switch to LED. The replacement bulb was only 35 watts.....7 percent of what the original bulb was burning....cha-ching! The bulb was installed today and I'm delighted. If you need pool maintenance of any kind...
  7. redfishbluefish

    DIY NOPOX Recipe Revealed

    I've been using the DIY NOPOX recipe that came from @art13. It simply is 500 mls Vinegar, 375 mls Vodka (40%) and 125 mls of RO/DI water. I've also seen other amounts used as well, such as 1 part vodka to 2 parts vinegar. However, I've wondered where the Art recipe came from.....and I...
  8. redfishbluefish

    Who's Consuming My Vodka?

    I had a long, tough day and final able to sit down at about 8 PM. I pour myself a little Tito's hand crafted to carbon dose myself and sit and enjoy my tank. While I'm sitting there sipping on the good stuff, I'm saying to myself, you poor sucker bacteria, you're getting the best vodka...
  9. redfishbluefish

    BRS 1.1 ml DIY Tubing Replacement

    Between my son and I, we own six BRS 1.1 ml dosing pumps....great pumps. I also love BRS....spend more money there than I want to. Now I recently needed to replace two dosing pump rubber hoses. BRS has them for $12.99 each. I come from the chemical industry where we used rubber hose...
  10. redfishbluefish

    Vinegar versus Peristaltic Pumps

    I've been manually dosing a DIY version of NOPOX and just picked up a BRS 1.1 pump to automate the additions. As I'm looking at this pump, I'm now wondering what the vinegar would do to the rubber tubing portion. Anyone using a peristaltic pump to dose vinegar or NOPOX? And what's your...
  11. redfishbluefish

    Venting over Ink Cartridges

    I have a Canon inkjet printer......a PIXMA MG2520. I need to purchase new ink cartridges. I can get the black and color cartridge for $34. That's thirtyfour dollars. Now the other option is that I can throw this printer away and buy a whole new printer (that comes with the ink...
  12. redfishbluefish

    Oh Snap - My Tank is Leaking!!!

    Let me preface this post by first stating that I picked up this tank in 07, were it was being used for land hermit crabs. It was a custom made 60 by 18 by 20 3/4 high tank with half inch euro bracing. When I say custom, I'm thinking a DIY homemade tank.....rather...
  13. redfishbluefish

    Spaghetti / Hair Worm

    Light sneaking through the blinds lit up this little guy this morning, wedged up against the glass with tentacles out, catching his morning breakfast.
  14. redfishbluefish

    Tricking ATO to Add Additional Water

    After switching out my ATO from an AquaHub to a JBJ, the reed switch on this float switch has a hair trigger. That is, it runs about every ten minutes for maybe 10 to 15 seconds. It was too frequently and running for too short a time. I thought of how to trick the ATO by slowing the...
  15. redfishbluefish


    Is there something we can do about all the spam we're getting. It seems like it's gotten a whole lot worse. Can we use captcha, or ask the question, "Are you a Robot," or have a couple day waiting period after signing up before you can make your first post. There's got to be something.
  16. redfishbluefish

    Fluconazole - The Sequel

    With @art13 being the first NJRC member to use Fluconazole to treat Bryopsis, I just bit the bullet and placed my order for 20 pills. I thought I had hair algae, but some have said, because the hair appears to be on branches, that it's a variety of bryopsis. We'll find out!
  17. redfishbluefish

    Candy Cane (Trumpet) Coral For Sale - Sayreville

    For some reason I have a few frags of Neon Green Candy Cane frags (Caulastrea curvata). :rolleyes: I typically give frags away, but because I cut, glued and mounted these guys on plugs, it's going to cost you. I'm making it simply, $1/head. I have a bunch of 1, 2 and 3 heads, and...
  18. redfishbluefish

    Too Many Breakdowns - Vent Thread

    On Valentine's Day, I went shopping with my sweetie for a new motor. I've had a number of breakdowns in the tank this past month, and to top it off, the motor on my bandsaw big deal, I think I have a spare motor for that somewhere (and I haven't looked because I have a second...
  19. redfishbluefish

    Approaching Herb-vana

    Blame it on @HerbieK ! :eek: After attending Herb's meeting in December, where someone counted 12 powerheads, and then watching Dana Riddle's MACNA talk HERE, where the importance of flow was part of the discussion (light and alkalinity completed that Troika), I started playing with...
  20. redfishbluefish

    Do I have an Aptasia Problem?

    When my Long Nose Yellow Butterfly was alive, I never knew I had Aptasia. If someone would ask, I'd say, "No, I have no aptasia." Well, the yellow guy died and now I have aptasia everywhere! Everywhere. I go into the fishroom tonight and right on the front glass is....... an Aptasia! I'm...