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  1. redfishbluefish

    Reeflo or high flow high head pressure pump

    Believe it or not, I still have these three pumps collecting dust: External Pumps for Sale - Sayreville
  2. redfishbluefish

    Losing all my corals

    If your nitrate number is real, it would call for the low range Hanna (0-5 ppm)....BUT, it is just a pain to use, you'll end up not using it. Here's a video that talks about it's shortcomings. The high range is for 0-75 ppm, with a 0.1 ppm accuracy (according to their literature). If...
  3. redfishbluefish

    House with a 20,000g fish tank

    Come on Mike! Nikki will give you those puppy dog eyes and want you to buy this little place for her. Make Nikki happy! Buy it and I’ll move in as your poolboy, bartender and chauffeur. :cool:
  4. redfishbluefish

    Losing all my corals

    Erna, so sorry to see this. Did Brian verify your results with test kits he might have brought along? If your nitrate number is real, I'd stop doing water changes. You didn't mention phosphate, but seeing a zero for nitrate I would assume that would be zero as well. All living things...
  5. redfishbluefish

    Acrylic 'Glass' Cleaning

    They do make mag cleaners for acrylic. Here's the one from MAG Float.
  6. redfishbluefish

    BOD Succession

    Here are the requirements for All Officers positions from the ByLaws. PRESIDENT The President shall: Preside at all meetings of the Corporation. Call the Board of Directors together and preside at the meeting. Appoint and remove the chair of all Committees subject to the approval of the Board of...
  7. redfishbluefish

    BOD Succession

    Let's try this approach.... I wish to nominate @amado for President of NJRC. I know him as being alive, breathing,and a resident of the fine State of New Jersey, home of RAP NY!
  8. redfishbluefish

    Free Gravel (08053)

    For you @Paul B Want-A-Be's, this gravel is what you want for your UGF. I'm surprised it's still available....but maybe not. Good luck Ray, finding a home for this gravel.
  9. redfishbluefish

    40 Gallon Coast to Coast tank, metal stand and MRC sump/fuge for sale

    Right around the corner for me! I would be more than happy to hold this for you. :)
  10. redfishbluefish

    40 Gallon Coast to Coast tank, metal stand and MRC sump/fuge for sale

    Great deal! Go for it Kevin. I want to see little fingerprints all over that 1/2 inch glass. :cool:
  11. redfishbluefish

    BOD Succession

    All the navel fuzz you could possibly want! :oo:
  12. redfishbluefish

    BOD Succession

    You simply change the corporation from a non-profit (501 (c)(3)) to a for-profit corporation. I'd shy away from an LLC in that specific names need to be mentioned in the State filings. Now, that said, I wouldn't be too quick to make the change. I'd look at this like a business and first do...
  13. redfishbluefish

    Got yogurt ?

    Yes, but.....if you believe.... Again two ways of using is as a tank treatment and the other is food additive for fish intestine health. For tank treatment, what is believed is that the "Good" probiotic bacteria out-compete the bad bacteria, keeping the neighborhood a happy...
  14. redfishbluefish

    Got yogurt ?

    I’m assuming they are talking about supplying probiotic bacteria found in yogurt. Dosing probiotic bacteria (bacteria only) has been studied for years, both as a food additive to assist in the digestive tracts of your fish, and as a water supplement to out compete the bad bacteria. These...
  15. redfishbluefish

    Do additives really expire?

    Here’s my two cents….depends on the chemical form they are in and what they will be used for….a dip or as a supplement. With Iodine (I2), it will degrade with light and time...but that might be a good thing. A common “Iodine” is Lugals, which contains some Potassium Iodide, which ends up...
  16. redfishbluefish

    Time to buy salt

    Sea Level Aquarium in Pine Brook has the best price on Reef Crystal or Instant Ocean. I know Instant Ocean is $35 for 200 box
  17. redfishbluefish

    Tank birthday and I'm a Geezer

    Wow Paul!!!! My only question, was it smooth or crunchy?
  18. redfishbluefish

    Personal Information

    If I'm not mistaken, I think they did a full body cavity search with me! :oops:
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    Sump without Drilling tank

    First off my strongest recommendation is if the tank is drillable (not tempered glass), I'd drill it in a heart beat. First tank wasn't drilled, and after the second flood that snap-crackle-popped right on the powerstrip, I was convinced I'd never have another tank that wasn't drilled. That...
  20. redfishbluefish

    Chris P's 75 gal Dream Tank

    The "standard" stand height is 30 - 32 inches....way too short for me....for two reasons. I didn't want to have to bend down to look at my tank and I wanted to be able to get my skimmer out of the sump. I actually put together a cardboard cutout to make sure I could do this. I thought I...