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    Free 75 gallon with stand (Not mine)

    Check this out: Free 75 gallon RR with stand for free. Looks like a great deal that someone should jump on!
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    Aquarium Depot Amphipod/Copepod Order

    Hello all, I'm looking to place another order for amphipods/copepods with Aquarium Depot as they're currently running their "Buy 1000, Get 1000" offer again. Basically, you get 2 big bags of their pods for $40. I'm ordering $40 for myself but would love to get the order over $150 to get free...
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    QT’d Yellow Candy Hogfish - $30

    I have a healthy yellow candy hogfish to rehome. I got him last year fully quarantined and treated from ReefPro and he’s been in my DT since then. He eats everything including frozen, flake, and live foods. Beautiful fish and I hate to see him go. Only reason I’m getting rid of him is because...
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    Anybody have a sump to sell?

    I'll be setting up a 4' x 2' frag tank soon. I'm looking to pick up an appropriate sized sump (thinking 30-40 gallons). I have a smaller cube sump, but I'd like something with a decent footprint that I can get a decent amount of live rock or refugium into, plus skimmer and possibly reactor. If...
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    Lesions on pink streaked wrasse

    I have several pink streaked wrasses in QT. Have been prophylactically treating with Copper Power (above 2.0) for the past month. Also have UV on the tank but haven’t administered any other meds. They’ve looked healthy and were eating all throughout that time. I was going to get them out of QT...
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    Arctica 1/3 HP chiller

    Hello, Looking to clear some equipment out. I have this 1/3 HP JBJ Arctica Chiller. Asking $450 or best reasonable offer. Pickup in Florham Park, 07932. I've included the listing from BRS plus a couple pics of the actual unit for sale. JBJ Arctica Chiller 1/3 HP - Bulk Reef Supply
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    Acanthophyllia Meat Corals

    Hello everyone, Looking to make more space in the frag tank so I'm selling some of my acanthophyllia meat corals. All of them are 3-4.5" in diameter. Not the fanciest colors out there, but nonetheless really cool corals. If you need better pics of any of them, let me know. Only the labeled...
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    Saw this thread and couldn't stop laughing....

    Consider this a PSA about what not to do if your tank smells funky. I read this thread on R2R and was dying. My cat pooped in my reef tank yesterday | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum
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    28 gallon JBJ NanoCube with Stand - $100

    I bought this 28 gallon JBJ NanoCube with Stand from a fellow member (mbenton) back in the fall. Paid $125 for those and Paulie paid $25 for Larry the Hermit. I've decided I won't be setting this up anytime soon and would prefer to move in on to somebody who could use it. So I'm selling the...
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    Free Fish available in Boonton (Not mine)

    Looks like there's a guy on R2R posting that he had an ich outbreak and is giving away all his fish. Stuff needs to be QT'd obviously, but it might be a good deal for someone who's interested... Located in Boonton it seems. Fish free to a good home | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum
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    Aquarium Depot Amphipod/Copepod Offer

    I found out last minute that Aquarium Depot was running their "Buy 1000/Get 1000 Free" offer on amphipods and copepods again. Since the offer was expiring, I just placed an order to get it in in time. I had to get over $150 for free shipping so I'll have some extra pods if anybody wants in...
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    NJRC Meetup at Reefapalooza NYC June 26-27

    Now that Reefpalooza NYC is officially on (June 26-27), just wondering if NJRC members would be interested in setting up a time to meet up or at least coordinate going on the same day. It looks like they have a different format this year - you have to pick a 4.5 hour slot on either Saturday or...
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    Free Lemon Damsel

    I have a female lemon damsel to give away. It came to me as part of a tank breakdown. It’s been sitting in my QT tank for a month now. It’s fat, healthy, and eats everything from frozen to pellets. It does seem a little territorial though (at least in a small QT). It doesn’t mess with the large...
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    Ecotech Lights and Apex Equipment

    Hello all, Time to move some extra equipment that I’ve accumulated over time... Would also consider reasonable offers. 1) Radion G4 XR30 Pro lights: I have 4 new, unused ones that are available for $550 each. Manufactured June 29, 2019 so they’re Mobius ready. I also have a used one...
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    Amphipods and Copepods from Aquarium Depot

    Aquarium Depot is running their "Buy 1000 Pods, Get 1000 Pods for Free" Promotion again. Since the offer's set to expire within a couple hours, I went ahead and placed a large order (to take advantage of the free shipping). I'll have a couple extra portions available. I know a lot of people...
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    Large Monti Cap Colony 07932

    Hello, I have a large monti cap colony (10” x 8” minimum) that I’m looking to relocate. It’s not the fanciest coral but is healthy and looks great at this size. Asking $80 or best offer. Pick up only. You’ll need to bring a plastic bin since it won’t fit in a 5 gallon bucket. Thanks.
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    Free 125 gallon RR with stand (not mine)

    not mine, but here’s a free 125 gallon RR with stand out on Long Island.
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    WTB: JBJ RL-20L frag tank or something similar

    Hello, Looking to purchase (or trade equipment for) a JBJ RL-20L all-in-one frag tank. I know this tank was discontinued a few years ago but was wondering if anyone still had one. Would also consider other similar small AIO shallow frag tanks. If possible, would want a stand as well. Please...
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    Peppermint Shrimp from a large order

    Just a heads up to everyone that Rusalty is running a special for peppermint shrimp at $4.25 each. You do have to buy a lot of 40 at a time to get that price though, plus they tack on about $10 for handling and you'll need to make some other small add-on purchase to get over $175 for the free...
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    90 gallon RR for $50 in Forest Hills, NOT MINE

    Just a heads up for something being sold on ManhattanReefs: For Sale - $50 90g RR ( Seems like a pretty good deal and I heard that 90 gallons are hard to come by right now. Gotta drive out to Forest Hills though.