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  1. Mark_C

    Aptasia on zoas

    Just paint the aptasia, it's easier.
  2. Mark_C

    CyberWeek Sale at Ultimate Corals 40% OFF

    Mark! New site format looks great!
  3. Mark_C

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope you all eat and drink yourselves into a stupor and lounge out staring at the TV or wall with your pants unbuttoned and the inability to incite movement. EDIT: Wow, that sounds sorta Cosby, let me revamp... Hope you all have a blast and eat and drink yourselves into a stupor.
  4. Mark_C

    WTB Corlas (Stylo, sticks, zoa/paly).

    New/old living room tank is up. Got a few montis and zoas. Looking for: purp stylo (lost all mine in crash) a basic colorful stick or two (slimer, stag, etc) perhaps a couple shrooms (simple ones, not Ulti-orange Omega Snot Bounce Galactica Fartblasters) perhaps a couple cool encrusters I have...
  5. Mark_C

    WTB a reef ready tank

    I've got a 29g in the gargae you can have for free. Its not drilled, but can be, or it can be used as a sump depending on how big your main tank is going to be.
  6. Mark_C

    Pure ocean water

    As far as I know he's been a bit busy as he's taken up ballet.
  7. Mark_C


    So, Brick Petco has always been good to us and Andrew, Annie, and the rest of the crew know many of us by name. Apparently, we had a member, or a member claimee, enter the shop before closing recently. He claimed he was from the NJRC, was entitled to a discount, and that he knew 'Mark', who was...
  8. Mark_C


    I believe of you pick it up you can start a food subscription for it from Live Aquaria. They’ll send you 2 random fish a month for $150.
  9. Mark_C

    Kschweers rebuild. 57g rimless

    Welcome back. :)
  10. Mark_C

    Rainbow Nem $40

    PM sent
  11. Mark_C

    WTB Icecap Gyre 1k

    As the title says. In Brick willing to travel a bit.
  12. Mark_C

    Lots of stuff cheap/free (cleanout) BRICK 08724

    Eric, will be in Lyndhurst Thurs and Fri. Mark, LMK if you want me to srop it off, can throw it in the trick tonight. Pendings are marked. :)
  13. Mark_C

    Aquascape stuff (rock, etc) BRICK 08724

    The light is one of the smaller ones at 24”, it’ll cover 36” of tank length. I had it over a 2x2x2 cube and kept it backed down to blue/white 70/20 with great results.
  14. Mark_C

    Looking to trade new sump, dry rock, other small equipment items for livestock

    If he doesn't... 2nd Image down. Metal 40b stand, all of $0 to members. Very clean and neat looking but can be skinned (or use a thin wood/laminate with magnets). I'm heading to north NJ (Lyndhurst, Bergen...
  15. Mark_C

    Lots of stuff cheap/free (cleanout) BRICK 08724

    Mark, I have a HOB Aquaclear with an In-Tank insert as well that I was using on the Pest Tank for a while. Would work well with the 20 setup.
  16. Mark_C

    Aquascape stuff (rock, etc) BRICK 08724

    Build your own Aquascape kit About 60 pounds various rock (half havent seen aquarium water), about 30 pounds of staxx rock (needs cleaning), various small frag pieces, acrylic rods, reef molding - $100 OBO FEEL FREE TO CALL OR TEXT ON 201-467-1771
  17. Mark_C

    Lots of stuff cheap/free (cleanout) BRICK 08724

    40b metal stand - Free (or trade a frag) Seaswirls (have 2), best water movers EVER, cant use with nanos, need 40g + tank, these are up to 600gph, retail $300 each - Trade for MP10 or $100 each Brand new 4" sock holder with 2 nylon socks (just bought) - $15 PENDING Fan - Free 2 large...
  18. Mark_C

    Need small wavemaker

    I have a few SW20 Jeabos which I LOVE, but they're a bit too much for the new 20g display. Before I drop $60 on an SW10, wanted to se if anyone has a small one for sale or trade (SW10, MP10, Hyydor Mini, etc...)