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    Good deals over at acc

    Tank looking good!
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    Down for the count

    Feel better soon! Glad to hear you're getting over it and the tanks are pulling through as well.
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    WTB: Berghia Nudi

    OK, I'm meeting up with a guy on Wednesday that has a whole bunch of them. He's charging $15-20 for them depending on size. The largest ones are huge - probably 3/4-1". Shoot me a PM including your cell # to let me know how many you want. I picked up some from him last week but I'll probably...
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    Trigger Systems deals

    How did you guys contact Trigger and get a response from them? Did you email (and which email address)? I've had great customer service experiences with them a year ago. However, recently I can't get responses from them for some replacement parts I need.
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    WTB: Berghia Nudi

    Where are you located? I'm getting some from a guy locally and may have some extra. I'm up near Morristown.
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    Lps id

    Agreed. Favias normally have more distinct individualized "cells" rather than the smoother appearance on the chalices.
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    BRS $10 Coupon Codes

    Used MTNPPDYN. Thanks Bob!
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    Free 75 gallon with stand (Not mine)

    Check this out: Free 75 gallon RR with stand for free. Looks like a great deal that someone should jump on!
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    Game changer from Hanna

    This was my point exactly. If you're new and own none of the checkers, then it's a good option instead of having to buy 6-7 different ones. But if you already have a bunch (like many of us probably do), it's hard to justify spending $400 for one piece of equipment that is still ultimately...
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    Return pump recommendations?

    Are you going Apex? If so, you might want to go with one of their return pumps (Cor 15 or 20) to integrate everything together. Otherwise, Ecotech and Reef Octopus Varios pumps work well and have nice controls.
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    Game changer from Hanna

    I got really excited at first seeing this... But then I noticed that it comes with different reagents for each of the tests. In other words, you still need to stock different reagents. At that point, isn't it just basically one meter that can run all the tests, but those tests still have to be...
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    Two Ecotech Vortech MP40’s F/S (08053)

    I can trade a new Gen4 XR 30 Pro for them if you're interested.
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    60 gallon cube+ sump and saltwater mixing station

    Did you get my message about this from earlier this afternoon?
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    Kessil 350wA Tuna Blue

    Are you asking about a Kessil A350W? I think that's a fairly old model. Haven't seen one of those sold in awhile, so not sure how much they go for. If it's the A360WE, then I'd agree with that $225-250 price range with the gooseneck.
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    Yellow coris wrasse

    That tank looks awesome! You still got a few inches of sand in the front middle there. Time for more frags! Salgado's had yellow coris for awhile. Sea Level's had them in the past month also, but not sure right now. Unfortunately, neither are that close to you but if you're in the area....
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    Ecotech Lights and Apex Equipment

    Figured I would bump this thread back up just in case anyone wants to buy anything. Will drop prices a little and take reasonable offers. I'll be travelling down to Colts Neck on Saturday and then attending the NJRC meet up in Bridgewater on the way back up. I can bring equipment with me to meet...
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    Reef Club get together ***canceled***

    As long as the weather holds up, I plan on trying to attend. Anything that we can bring?
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    Food for smaller fish

    PE calanus or Arctipods are good for maintaining color.