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  1. DYIguy

    Berghia Nudibanch

    They only eat aptasia and I looked into breeding them which seems relatively easy- a couple of 10 gal tanks- seems like it could be a good business for someone who has a local demand
  2. DYIguy

    WTT Gsp

    Fist to softball size- looking to fill out my 13g 'garden' zoas, palys etc. I'm in Chester 07930- can meet locally
  3. DYIguy

    Mini Dart Gobies

    Has anyone seen them in a LFS or know where I can buy them online
  4. DYIguy

    Zoa Garden

    I finally rehomed a yellow watchman and 2 chromis that were in my 13g- had to pretty much take half the rock out , now I'm working on a zoa garden- looking for zoas, palys cloves- easy stuff that doesn't get too large. I 'm in Morris county can travel as far as Sealevel or Reefco-
  5. DYIguy

    Rock Flower Anemone

    I bought one for my sexy shrimp and placed it on the substrate in the middle of my 13g, about 4 inches from the Kenya tree in the corner that the 3 sexy shrimp made their home. This morning I noticed that the anemone has moved about 2 inches to the left, pushing frags out of it's way. I thought...
  6. DYIguy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Safe travels for those who are, hoping everyone has a great day, good food, good conversation, a day with no tank freakouts- calm waters overall- good health and if anyone feels both thankful and giving, you know where I live :dance: :cool: Be careful out there, and wear protection ;)
  7. DYIguy

    Free 75G tank

    Undrilled, pickup in Chester NJ- delivery possible
  8. DYIguy

    75G Stand- advice needed

    I picked up a free 75g tank, stand and hood- although it looks to be a stand and canopy made for the tank ( the trim on the tank matches the finish ), and it obviously was strong enough, I'm not sure if I should be so confident- most of the stand is laminate, the support for the tank looks a bit...
  9. DYIguy

    Invisible top anti jumping kit

    I saw this on aliexpress for about $5 cheaper, what do you guys think
  10. DYIguy

    WTB Rock Flower Anemone (local)

    I'm in Morris county, would prefer to buy from a fellow reefer. Will be going to Sealevel some time this week- another option is Reefco- anyone been to either recently, any recommendations- Tanks! :D Mike in Parsippany is another option too
  11. DYIguy

    Fluconazole/ Reef Flux for bryopsis/ hair algae

    Has anyone used this for Bryopsis and hair algae- it's normal use is to treat fungal problems. I've read that it will kill bryopsis and hair algae- not a long term control, but a good place to start while getting your parameters under control
  12. DYIguy

    Fish Habits

    We all spend a lot of time enjoying/ watching out tanks, the fish have habits and routines. It isn't until it's broken that I notice sometimes. I had a yellow coris wrasse that got up and went to sleep the same time every day- one day it seemed like it went to 'bed' early- didn't think much...
  13. DYIguy

    Combining a 30g and a 40g

    I have a 75 g I want to get up and running. My original plan was to just move the stock from the 30l and give the tank away along with stand and hood. I have 3 other tanks- the 40b being one of them.4 tanks are just too much for me to handle, so I'm thinking about combining the stock from the 30...
  14. DYIguy


    I have pineapple and 'branch' sponges in my sump- no problem, but just noticed some of the branch/ root looking sponges in my 13g. Should I remove them, will they become a problem- does anyone want any lol
  15. DYIguy

    Face Masks

    Seems like it will be here for some time- any links for reef themed? Something for us to look into with a nice piece of coral on it- in the mean time ....
  16. DYIguy

    Nuisance Algae

    I've been dealing with hair algae for a while- hand pluck, brush rocks- take what I can out of the tank and do the same and treat with peroxide-one problem I've had with the brushing in tank is then having to deal with dinos. I also get hair in the sand, I've been removing it- things seem to be...
  17. DYIguy

    Right .... Wrong...

    " Right Place, Wrong Time"- a Dr John song comes to mind. Started right from the beginning for me- a lfs recommended a neon dotty and a Springer damsel for my new 13g. I've made a bunch of mistakes since then- a 6 line wrasse in the same tank for bristle worm control, trying to get 2 small...
  18. DYIguy

    In tank sumps/ AIO's

    I got back into reefing while recovering from covid when I saw I could have a reef tank with corals. Did some research and bought an AIO 13g- now I have 4 tanks, all are AIO that I built using the same principal of the 13g- 3 chamber on one end, overflow, middle and return- been thinking about...
  19. DYIguy

    Acrylic 'Glass' Cleaning

    Having a hard time finding something that will clean the acrylic and not scratch it- inside or out. I'm wondering if a magnetic cleaner with a non scratch pad ( like one you use in the kitchen ) on both inside and outside would work
  20. DYIguy

    WTT Yellow Watchman Goby

    I bought 2 about 4 months ago hoping that they would pair up- no such luck. I was able to remove the smaller one about a month ago and it's currently in a 13 gal- eats great and has grown quit a bit. Will post a pic if wanted No sps corals thank you- I live in Chester, Morris county NJ