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    Looking to trade new sump, dry rock, other small equipment items for livestock

    I have the below items for trade - looking for coral or fish in return - not super picky or worried about equal values - let me know if you're interested and what you have! I live in Northern NJ - Passaic County - travel down to Bergen County for work M-F right by the TZ bridge - Can meet up...
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    Cool Article

    Just passing along an interesting article that shows some of the efforts that are going on to save reefs in the world - Scientists Develop Quick-Growing Coral Method to Save Dying Reefs An optimistic quote "Wild coral takes 25 to 75 years to reach sexual maturity, but the lab method reduces...
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    Dry rock

    Hello all, I have over 100 lbs of dry rock that I am selling at $1.25 / lb. - or take it all at $1 / lb. It's good quality rock that is mostly a mixture - pukani, base rock, sump rock, etc. I also have other miscellaneous parts that you might need. My location is Airmont, NY. I'm 2 minutes...
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    Halloween Season

    'Tis the season so I thought I would share something that I get a kick out of. My lighting maroon clownfish wears a halloween mask all year - not because he is self conscious, but because he is fun. If anyone else has some cool October themed aquarium stuff please share on this thread!
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    GSP Growth

    Hey all! I'm looking for some advice on this encroaching GSP - as you can see in the pictures the GSP on the top left has grown onto the large base rock I positioned it on and now it is approaching this smaller GSP frag that I have gotten good growth on. My question is: Should I be removing...
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    Free lights

    Hey all, Came across this on CL and thought some people on here might want to pick up a few - 4' shop lights This is the description in the post - "We have 4 inch shop lights for free at the store. These are the ones that have been used over our tanks. We have them in front of the entrance...