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  1. Foxchase

    Local reefers

    I'm in Brick
  2. Foxchase

    Who’d be interested

    I'll drive you home if that's the case! Nobody ever blamed me for driving slow.
  3. Foxchase


    So idk how many of you have IG but did anyone see POTO's latest post on this 600g tank? Tell me it's not insane!
  4. Foxchase

    Who’d be interested

    I have a couple of stuff that I'd wanna get rid of. I would be interested.
  5. Foxchase

    Clownfish help

    This is in a QT tank. The fish eyes looked normal. Unfortunately, it passed last night. I did treat with general cure binded with focus to food.
  6. Foxchase

    Clownfish help

  7. Foxchase

    Clownfish help

    So I don't know what's going on. My clown is acting weirder than normal. There's no spots, no slime coat issues. No hazy eyes. She's usually my most aggressive fish when it comes to feeding. It's almost as if she can't see the food. I lost the smaller of the 2 a few days ago. I saw frayed fins...
  8. Foxchase

    Aquarium swap meet

    What video?
  9. Foxchase

    Aquarium swap meet

    What are your thoughts on this?
  10. Foxchase

    What I have learned from using my trident.

    I personally just started dosing and I only need alk. I'm using Dr. Randy's recipe of baked baking soda. In some of his forums, he goes in depth about how alk gets consumed more than calc and how mag comes into play. Super interesting
  11. Foxchase

    Moving Tank Tommorrow !! - Can Bulkhead Gaskets be re-used?

    If what mickey says fails, I'm pretty sure reefco and aquatic obsessions both sells bulkheads. If they don't have any and you don't mind a drive, give a call to something fishy in PA. They have plumbing supplies
  12. Foxchase

    What I have learned from using my trident.

    Everywhere that I've read has said that people dose more alk than calc. I would imagine it's more applicable to dose both equally if you has something like a sps heavy tank. Even then I'm not sure. It's interesting though
  13. Foxchase

    Black Clown Fish

    Do you have any pictures?
  14. Foxchase

    Corals for trade. North Jersey SPS, LPS, SHROOMS

    What are you looking for? And is that a galaxia?
  15. Foxchase

    New water storage

    Where did you find it? I've been looking for something like this
  16. Foxchase

    Need Some Help...

    Is it possible to remove the corals into a temporary holding tank, do a blackout and add back when done?
  17. Foxchase

    Got another one for my peeps

    I'm lucky my girlfriend just tells me to do whatever makes me happy with my tanks. (as long as I don't go broke doing it). I told her about wanting a slightly bigger tank already and she said "go for it. I'll go pick it up with you" hahaha
  18. Foxchase

    LFS you shop at

    I Highly recommend qting any and all fish before adding to tank. Rather be safe than sorry.
  19. Foxchase

    LFS you shop at

    As I stated, they are a good store. Some caution is in order. As with anywhere else. The first time I placed the order, they waited for me to get there, showed me the fish eating and let me choose. The second time, by the time I got there, they were already in bags and looked like any fish would...