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    Help panic mode

    Lost power as well in Hamilton; PSE&G is reporting it will be back up Wednesday 11:30am; it keeps getting pushed back. Not good for my tanks.
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    Original Kraken 120 gal Mixed Reef

    I like that stand, the lock & key is very cool. I'm curious about the heater in the tank howver since I assume there's a sump with that overflow.
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    Best LFS for Fish

    I haven't been but looking at video's Reefco. seems to have a decent selection though mostly corals. They note on the tanks when the fish arrived & various information about them. I spoke with them at RAP & they were very friendly.
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    Sussex and surrounding counties frag swaps

    Not that I know of but you're 2.5 hours frome me so not familiar with the area. That said I like the idea & I just looked at that companies website, they have some nice things available. Giving me ideas.
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    Basement IM 100 EXT

    Bit of an update. Went to Rap NY, picked up a bunch of frags. Lost the the Cardinals, not 100% sure why but they just slowly died. The Anthias & Wrasse however are growing as are the clowns. I added a few weeks ago 13? Gobies from KP Aquatics. They're tiny but all alive and growing well. All the...
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    Rap NYC

    Ah darn on the RBTA, I thought I saw one vendor with a tank full of very small ones for $45.00 a piece. I almost bought one on impulse and than remembered I really didn't want to deal with it moving. I looked at Pets Warehouse for awhile and saw a few wrasses I wanted but I didn't have time to...
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    Rap NYC

    How was everyones RAP? Personally I enjoyed it very much & my kids did as well. Thanks to the members that helped to make it run very much appreciated. I definatly scored a few deals on 12 frags & 2 clowns. A few are still super pissed but hopefully they open up soon. One change to this year...
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    75g mixed reef

    Looking good, been subscribed to your channel for a bit. That Billy Pipes sump is looking nice as well.
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    Some Reefapalooza NY teaser pics

    Geez gorgeous, hope the rain holds off so I can make the drive on Sunday
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    Basement IM 100 EXT

    I dropped 1 bag of Tisbe & 1 of Tigre in the sump & 1 of Tisbe & 1 of Tigre in the display. The fish loved it. Feeding a bit of Phyto to the sump each day. I did have my first losses. 1 Lyretail Anthia didn't make it. I'm not surprised, I saw 2 swimming around a bunch and after the initial day I...
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    Basement IM 100 EXT

    Few quick picture updates as I caught the fish after eating. Loving the personalities & appearance of the new fish. I also bought 2 Tisbe, 2 Tigre & 2 Phyto from Pod Your Reef to help the tank. The Wrasse & 1 Lyretail immediately knew when they hit the tank.
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    Cobalt aquatics

    I just want to give a nod to Cobalt. 1 of my 2 Neotherm heaters blew out a few weeks ago. I contacted them concerning a replacement and got prompt response. Now it's been roughly 4 weeks and they're still out of stock but they offered me a cheaper heater to hold me over for free till they're in...
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    Basement IM 100 EXT

    Good question iTzJU & not one I have an answer to. I got a Hannah Phosphate checker in the mail yesterday because I'm concerned all the manmade dry type rock might leach it. I plan to test that tonight as well. I have Rowaphos? I believe coming as well so if it's bad I can atleast do something...
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    Basement IM 100 EXT

    Yeah it's a gamble but in my head I have a reason, sort of. 5 Cardinals, 3 lyretail Anthias & 1 Esquisite Fairy Wrasse. My nitrates have been high since setup despite weekly 25% water changes. My tank is dry rock & super sterile with the lights off so I have nothing growing in the tank except...
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    RO Buddy

    I have the pump on my ro unit, it helped alot
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    Basement IM 100 EXT

    Quick update on the tank. I've added my light fixture finally. Aquatic life T5 with 3 Kessil A360WE. From the picture you can see I'm having issues with the T5's. I tested the fixture back in August when I purchased it, worked fine. 2 bulbs I received were cracked however so I sent them back &...
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    FS red dragon breath flame algae

    Got the 2 bags of algae, came quickly, super well packed, it's a great red glowing color. Very happy with it & I hope I can get it to grow in my refugium so I can eventually put it in a macro tank. Thanks again.
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    Basement IM 100 EXT

    I get zero flow out of the second & 3rd drains, those are emergency drains only. The difference in height between the 2nd & 3rd is so very close that I don't want to try & run anything down the emergency. I believe some people run with a trickle down the 2nd to help it quiet the tank but not in...
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    DIY suggestions

    While not exciting there are many uses for Egg Crate in this hobby, building baskets to contain media, stands for skimmers, frag racks, ect. A 4 x 2 piece of egg crate at home depot is roughly 12$ + zip ties & that would be enough for the class to build something. I created stands for use in my...
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    My first tank

    Good start on the tank for sure & definatly a huge ouch on the finger. Any update on the sump setup? I bought my sump but if I had to do it again I'd likely just build one, it would have saved me a ton of money & it's really not that hard. It wouldn't look as nice but I could say I built that.