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  1. MadReefer

    Little white floaters

    I have one. Where are you located?
  2. MadReefer

    Tile for frags

    Don't have any. Try to make a small spa garden why i asked about tile. Want them to grow together.
  3. MadReefer

    Tile for frags

    What type of tile do people use to glue frags to? I have some zoa plugs in egg crate but fish keep knocking them out and I want to glue them to something to prevent this.
  4. MadReefer

    Rainy Day

    On this rainy day cleaned up the equipment from the 30g nem tank, Would like to clean tank better; maybe tomorrow. Mixed RODU with my ESV Alk and Calc; topped off containers. Topped off Mag with Kent mag as well. Tested the above and still low Alk 6.1 but tank looks good. Calc 485ppm and Mag...
  5. MadReefer

    Same Zoas

  6. MadReefer

    This is getting out of control

    Did you steal that from FB...lol
  7. MadReefer

    Air Pumps Rechargeable

    I have the battery operated ones and never saw these until today.
  8. MadReefer

    Subliminal's FOWLR 90 Gallon Build...

    I just looked and there is nice tang I want to get....hahaha
  9. MadReefer

    Same Zoas

    Wish I knew how I managed that. Thanks
  10. MadReefer

    Same Zoas

    Dumb question I know. I found a frag in the sand and placed it in egg crate. Are these the same type of Zoas? No idea how I ended up with frags if the same.
  11. MadReefer

    Have these creatures clinging to my front glass…

    Think you're correct - Pineapple sponge glass pic
  12. MadReefer

    Subliminal's FOWLR 90 Gallon Build...

    I agree on the pricing but when I was looking for fish his selection was minimal. I will have to check back and see what he has.....like I need more fish:rolleyes2:
  13. MadReefer

    Can't get rid of brown sand

    You can try a tiger tail sea cucumber. I have 3 in my tank. Bought 1 when I had the 90g and never saw it so picked up a second. During the switch to the 80g I realized the 1st was still alive so ended with two. Few months ago I see them in different parts of the tank and counted 3. So not sure...
  14. MadReefer

    This is getting out of control

    It sure is. To many whales and dolphins. They did a survey and stated not related to turbines... I call BS on that survey. Murphy has his hands them and is making large amounts of $$$ from them. If they really weren't hurting these animals would stop them for a few weeks to prove their point...
  15. MadReefer

    Subliminal's FOWLR 90 Gallon Build...

    I like the red and yellow one.
  16. MadReefer

    Fuzzy acro

    Does it look like this?
  17. MadReefer

    What is the most economical and bestest RODI system?

    The membrane lasts 2 years for me, I replace all the filters once for about $35. Replacing all filters and membrane is more than a new RODI buddy unit so I tend buy a new every 2 years on average.
  18. MadReefer

    What is the most economical and bestest RODI system?

    I use the RODI Buddy from Amazon and took 3 or 4 hours to make 5g water. Picked up a booster pump and make 5g in 1.5 hours approximately.
  19. MadReefer

    Some people are just crazy...

    I almost bought a dragon soul torch, very pretty. They wanted a $100 still on the fence...LOL