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  1. deepblue68

    Salt delivery - What happened to Pet Solutions?!

    Sea level cheaper then that! Instant ocean =35.00 Reef crystal =45.00 200 gallon box
  2. deepblue68

    Good morning

    Rest up and enjoy your holiday with your family!! Good morning and have a great day!
  3. deepblue68

    600G setup

    Nice setup! Are you downsizing or getting out of the hobby for awhile?
  4. deepblue68

    Juano's 120gals Dream Tank Build

    That stand looks great!! Keep up with the build picture's!
  5. deepblue68

    Georgia Aquarium

    Matt have you ever been to long Island aquarium not the scale of Atlanta but I feel best reef aquarium on the east coast
  6. deepblue68

    Georgia Aquarium

    Wow amazing pictures Matt !! I've want to visit there so bad!!
  7. deepblue68

    Lion's cove 40 gallon breeder

    Yes it is. i have local lfs looking out for one they don't always come in like the dwarf zebras and fuzzy lions.
  8. deepblue68

    Lion's cove 40 gallon breeder

    I've kept dwarf lionfish before and they do like to perch on rocks,hang in Caves and under rocks.they are really a cool fish .
  9. deepblue68

    Lion's cove 40 gallon breeder

    I will check it out thanks.
  10. deepblue68

    Lion's cove 40 gallon breeder

    I might take you up on it i have to decided what external overflow iam getting or making. Ty I hope all is well wilson
  11. deepblue68

    jgraz's Nuvo 20

    Looks really nice!! Nice job
  12. deepblue68

    Dinos or Tap Out

    I hope it worked for you good luck
  13. deepblue68

    Lion's cove 40 gallon breeder

    I have to order the overflow and get a glass cutter to drill the tank along with some other odds and ends
  14. deepblue68

    Lion's cove 40 gallon breeder

    Yes for now thats the plan lol
  15. deepblue68

    Lion's cove 40 gallon breeder

    Hi all As some of you might know I've been wanting to setup a new tank with a fu man chu lionfish for awhile and today I was able to buy a 40b ,stand and glass lid to help move this along. I have a qt in the basement with establish live rock for this system and bio balls . This tank will house...
  16. deepblue68

    Happy birthday Paulie!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULIE!!! Enjoy your day!
  17. deepblue68

    210 gallon tank basement fishroom build

    Looking awesome amado
  18. deepblue68

    Good morning

    Good afternoon and be safe out there!
  19. deepblue68

    Dumb luck need help free fish

    That sucks i have 55 gallon and 20 gallon tank if you like wanaque 07465
  20. deepblue68

    another stand build

    How you going to go about resealing it? are you just going to cut old sealant out and reapply or disassembled tank and reseal. iam asking because I have a tank that the seal is good a d doesn't leak but the edges has gotten beaten up by scrapers over time and I would like to reseal it myself.