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    Any yellow tenius out there?

    Not sure if they are tenius, but search for pink lemondae and pickachu acros. They are yellow, but beware a lot of yellow corals can turn green under certain conditions, depends on your lighting and water chemistry.
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    What crab is this?

    There are not that many reef safe crabs in the hobby and the ones mentioned above, goriallas and teddy bear crabs start off small and innocent and then start killing any fish and other inverts in your tank as they grow bigger. Back in the day when 99% of liverock in peoples tank was wild, you...
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    At it again 75

    Nice upgrade in size, fish look great.
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    Mixed reef with angel fish

    We have always had angels in our tanks and all of them have been mixed reefs. It all comes down to the invidivual angel. Some will pick, other will destroy corals and some don't even see it as food. Some species are more prone, and that is usually the guideline people go by. So pick your...
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    Petco Brick is upping their saltwater game, looks good.

    Ben used to work at Trop so he has been in the game for awhile.
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    How’s everyone avoiding chelice to sting neighbors?

    Depends on the chalice, some have really long sweepers that are just going to sting things no matter what. Again spacing or trying to have nothing downstream of it might help, use rock to cordon it off. There are certain ones and acan echinatas that we just don't get because of their massive...
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    The mangrove drop off (pico build)

    Sounds really cool, I like the idea.
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    Photo enigma granulosa (7 months) :(

    That is the problem with small frags, even when they double or triple in size they are still kind of small but that is great growth. Color wise, it can take a long time to develop all those colors and you needs to have the right lights and editing software to get there.
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    The 210 tank build

    @horseplay They still spawn just about every night, so yes it is working out very well and thank you again @ericrodriguez That is a gorgeous mushroom, I think they all kind of develop at their own rate so just keep an eye.
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    The 210 tank build

    The green took a few years, you will see little specs sooner but the patches take a while to come in. The angels are doing angel things which mean they pick. We have had to move some LPS downstairs, but others they leave alone. We without a doubt have better PE on the SPS in the frag tank...
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    Show me pics of your SPS!

    Yes that one
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    Show me pics of your SPS!

    Whats the green one with the pink tips, third picture in? Very nice
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    What to do?

    Looks like bryopsis to me.
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    The 210 tank build

    Looks like one of our jawbreakers is “bouncing”. Will be interesting to follow
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    Fish from NY Aquatic

    Have been hit or miss with them, I will say our last order of 6 fish, all are doing amazing. Always tough with shipping fish.
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    Too many at once?

    That is not overloaded at all for that size tank and with the instant cycle stuff (we have used both) you should be fine. Just add at the same time, some people add the bacteria before fish so they have nothing to eat and die off which will then trigger a cycle when you add the fish. Ammonia...
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    Tank swings

    It's always nice when things are going well and the tank looks like you actually want it to. As other said, those bounces are super nice.
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    3d printing

    Disney gives them Mickey ears to carry around
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    29 biocube pics

    Rainbow splice looking nice.
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    Black friday

    Saltwateraquiarums.com and BRS started their sales already, discounts on MAP priced stuff. Probably not going to do any better than the 15% off of ecotech so I grabbed an mp60 wetside and some other stuff.