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  1. Ezve

    Got new fish today

    From the picture it looks a little skinny try getting it to eat as soon as possible
  2. Ezve

    Got new fish today

    I agree with the Nori feed it attach to a small PVC with rubber bands and hang It in the tank or buy one of those two little fishes magnets. Good luck with it
  3. Ezve

    Good morning

    What a day who needs Florida when we have weather like this here. Hope the weather continues. Hope you all have a great week.
  4. Ezve

    3 AIhydra 26HD & Rollermat

    Are the lights still available
  5. Ezve

    Lears comin coming back online after a total wipeout.

    Wow so cool! Sandy took me out originally as well. With today’s technology it so much more doable and easier. Oh yea and enjoyable. Good luck
  6. Ezve

    Help panic mode

    If you would like l have an extra Hawaii punch anemone( purple tipped rose with a green base) it would be my pleasure to give you one
  7. Ezve

    Veggie Mag

    Only problem is you don’t want any metal leaking into the water so maybe can cote it some now
  8. Ezve

    Veggie Mag

    I’d Like to second everybody’s comments you probably got a bad one .I have had mine for months it’s the best thing. the suction cups wear out after a short time. try reordering it from a different seller
  9. Ezve

    Lighting for mangroves

    Any grow light should be fine
  10. Ezve

    Liquidating all my stuff - Phase 1- Multiple full tank setups for sale

    Love the videos! It’s a shame that someone with such beautiful tanks is leaving the hobby
  11. Ezve

    Show size blue tip Aussie elegance

    Is it still available
  12. Ezve

    Interesting Craigslist Post

    The posting has been deleted LOL
  13. Ezve

    Looking to trade my first frags

    Post pictures so we can get an idea what it looks like
  14. Ezve

    Yes they are $50 and are available sunday. Let me know if you want one

    Yes they are $50 and are available sunday. Let me know if you want one
  15. Ezve


    Are you still interested in a rose bubble tip
  16. Ezve


    I live in 08701 if you want we could talk on Sunday maybe I can get one off a rock.
  17. Ezve


    Where are you located.
  18. Ezve

    Moved to Brick

    Also mark from ultimate corals is in Jackson 15 minutes from you. He has some great stuff. Hope I’m not overloading you with to much info. Lol
  19. Ezve

    Moved to Brick

    Major league exotic pets on county line road. 88 pet world on train 88 and the petco on rt 70 is very good If your ever in the mood for a drive acc is around a thirty minute drive
  20. Ezve

    no power

    You’re a lucky man. you get to go to the ocean all the time.