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  1. Mark_C

    Sunkist bounce rock, Brick

  2. Mark_C

    Sunkist bounce rock, Brick

    Got a rock with 2 big and poppin SKBs and one moderate sized teenager. Let's say $100 for the rock, which seems like an average price for 1 large SKB, or make an offer. BTW, the rock is small - they secured on it as it was in a corner. Under blues for the pic (obviously). That's my thumb on the...
  3. Mark_C

    Free 30 gallon Finnex M tank AIO with lighting - please read

    What the heck, throw me down for the tertiary backup. Would make a great fragger with those T5s.
  4. Mark_C

    WTF is with FB Marketplace? Is it now just an idiot hang out?

    So Sunday night I listed a few kayaks for sale, including a pretty much brand new Vibe Yellowfin 120 with a load of upgrades. This kayak retails at about $1,100 and I've got an additional $400 or so sunk into the upgrades. The Title of the post is: 'Vibe Yellowfin 120 (mint condition)' The...
  5. Mark_C

    Best place for cleanup crew???

    It's getting hard. Last 3 from RC for me had 2 sorta OK orders and 1 where not a single animal was alive, but they did make good on credit. If you research and find anywhere, please share.
  6. Mark_C

    Aquarium care center ACC

    E, That doesn't surprise me in the least. I stopped shopping there years back. Once picked up a beauty of a fairy wrasse that seemed super lethargic and I was going to pass on. John assured me it was fine. 72 hours after getting home it was dead. Of course the problems were 'most likely' with my...
  7. Mark_C


    Wow. Best of luck.
  8. Mark_C

    Braking up my tank. Who wants this guy? 07083

    Seems GSP and Xenia actually sell now a days for $20-30 a frag at shops. We all used to rip that stuff out regularly.
  9. Mark_C

    Lookin for some boat stuff

    Yep. We kept it in the water, figured if we had a trailer we'd never use it. As it is, driving up to the boat and turning the key has made it easy enough that we've been out 3 times since Friday. The 25HP is nice and fast enough for the bays and inlets, but I'm keeping my eyes open for a used 60...
  10. Mark_C

    Has anyone seen healthy copperband butterfly fish around!!

    Did you lose it? Where did you see it last?
  11. Mark_C

    A discussion on ATO choices, advice appreciated

    Hi all, just wanted to update this thread for time. The autotopoff.com dual float system has been working flawlessly going on 2 years. I pulled it to clean yesterday and the maintenance is minimal. As much as I love the Avast system (that's in my main), I have no regrets purchasing this cheaper...
  12. Mark_C

    Curing live rock Q

    Heya all. So, I'm converting one of the tanks into a solid SPS tank, but I need to clear some stuff out and add some stuff in. One of the adds is some live rock, pretty darn clean stuff, but has been in storage for a few years. I dropped a few pieces into my working tanks, each has about 50...
  13. Mark_C

    I am out

    I thought about occasionally testing, but then I'd probably kill the tank.
  14. Mark_C

    Large pieces of BC June Ruby

    Hi E, If Madreefer drops by to pick up a piece, and he's kind enough, could you give him an extra piece for me? Would appreciate it.
  15. Mark_C

    I am out

    Dude! I don't buy it. You'r way too much into this. Hold some lights and pumps for next year and the change of heart. :)
  16. Mark_C

    Selling everything tank related

    My Milwaukee just died a few weeks back. PM sent.
  17. Mark_C

    Lookin for some boat stuff

    Ha, all 9 of us. I will, however, have a large float tank.
  18. Mark_C

    Lookin for some boat stuff

    Got a premium insurance that includes tow coverage. I remember my sis calling a tow a few years back but then she managed to get her boat moving again. They charged her 50% as their boat had already left dock and it was still something like $200+
  19. Mark_C

    Lookin for some boat stuff

    Yep, got the basic required gear and am in the courses now. The current motor is only a 25hp, which seemed good enough during the sea trial, but we're talking about taking much longer costal trios in the future, so I'm thinking about upsizing a bit.
  20. Mark_C

    North Jersey Get Together

    DUDE! Off main topic, but LIFE CHANGING ADVICE! Have you ever looked towards salvation of your soul? Have you ever actually investigated your inner thoughts and emotions...WAIT, wrong thing, we were on the allergy thing, right...OK... But first, the origin story! As a kid I was a freaking mess...