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  1. jmckdvm

    HOB REFUGIUM w/ LED LIGHTS: AquaFuge 2 Hang-on-Back Refugium (Medium) w/ LED Light System

    PRICE DROPPED TO $150 plus Shipping ....(Original Ad Edited to show current price; was originally $195).
  2. jmckdvm

    RED SEA REEFER 170 - WHITE and Accessories

    1 YEAR OLD; Set up mid-January, 2020. I'm selling this system because of upgrading to a larger tank. I will need to wait until my new tank comes before taking the tank down, which should be late Feb or early March. Tank is in excellent condition. Includes sump, plumbing and...
  3. jmckdvm

    HOB REFUGIUM w/ LED LIGHTS: AquaFuge 2 Hang-on-Back Refugium (Medium) w/ LED Light System

    Refugium (and several other Accessories) are Still Available !! See my ad for 1 year old RED SEA REEFER 170: RED SEA REEFER 170 - WHITE and Accessories | NJ Reef Club (njreefers.org)
  4. jmckdvm

    HOB REFUGIUM w/ LED LIGHTS: AquaFuge 2 Hang-on-Back Refugium (Medium) w/ LED Light System

    This sale is for: AquaFuge 2 Hang-on-Back Refugium (Medium) w/ LED Light System.......$150.00 plus shipping. (Cost when new would be $299.99 + tax + shipping at BRS) Medium AquaFuge2 Hang on Back Refugium with LED Lighting System - CPR Aquatics - Bulk Reef Supply Used for about 8 months...
  5. jmckdvm

    Floating Rock Scape

    Glad I saw your thread. I will definitely keep this in mind for my next build.....which I have been planning in my mind for years! I think I would incorporate it in with a more conventional aquascape, perhaps to fill in some "hard-to-reach" areas. Thanks for the ideas!
  6. jmckdvm

    Floating Rock Scape

    What did you use to plug the bulkhead? (I guess you could cap the end of the pipe too). Good job!
  7. jmckdvm

    Floating Rock Scape

    That looks really nice! Is it all mounted on a pvc pipe attached to a bulkhead?
  8. jmckdvm


    The Rollermat was purchased 12/26/19 and never used because it did not fit in the sump of my Red Sea Reefer 170 (40G tank). I opened the box just to look at the Rollermat and to take the photos below. I did a lot of research before buying this brand and concluded that this is probably the best...
  9. jmckdvm

    RADION XR15-G4-PRO LED LIGHT w/DIFFUSER -- Used for only 2 months

    FREE SHIPPING!! XR15-G4-PRO AND DIFFUSER...…...….. $345 Mounting Arm (Optional)…………………$75 LIKE NEW! PERFECT CONDITION! USED FOR ONLY 2 MONTHS.
  10. jmckdvm

    RADION XR15-G4-PRO LED LIGHT w/DIFFUSER -- Used for only 2 months

    REDUCED PRICE: XR15-G4-PRO AND DIFFUSER...…...…..Now $345 Mounting Arm (Optional)…………………….……$75 I am making the mounting arm OPTIONAL because I will need it for the G5, but to help make the sale, I will offer it at a reduced price. --Includes a longer horizontal arm (not shown in photos). In...
  11. jmckdvm

    RADION XR15-G4-PRO LED LIGHT w/DIFFUSER -- Used for only 2 months

    This light was purchased on 12/17/19 so WARRANTY is good from this date. (Receipt will be transferred to Buyer). The light wasn't put into use until early February 2020 (because I had to wait for my Red Sea Reefer to be delivered. First one cracked in shipment so had to wait for another. Then...
  12. jmckdvm

    Looking for G3 XR15 and Rms mounts

    Did you ever find your LED? I know you were asking for a G3. I am selling a brand new G4 XR15 with Diffuser. I bought it at the end of December '19 and has only been in use for 1 month. (I have receipts; warranty). Two weeks after I bought it they announced the G5! Just my luck. I just...
  13. jmckdvm

    For those who lost their tanks - Free Frags

    It is wonderful that there are so many generous reefers in this club. I lost ALL my corals and am looking to start again. I had quite a collection of mostly ORA corals (many of which are no longer available from ORA) so am looking to start that collection again, as well as any other acro. I'm...
  14. jmckdvm

    ICH- Bad day at the office

    I may have found this thread a little too late to be of help, but for amyloodinium, I would highly recommend chloroquine diphosphate. It is much less toxic than copper, inexpensive and easy to obtain (from me, or other veterinarians interested in marine fish). I wrote about it's use several...
  15. jmckdvm

    Best RO/DI system?

    Bob, If you are only running an RO system (i.e. Fiber, Carbon, RO membrane), you are only removing 96-98% of the impurities in tap water. With an additional DI filter (or two), you can approach 99.99%. I personally have been using 2 Spectrapure MaxCaps followed by 2 Silica Busters. A lot of...
  16. jmckdvm

    Best RO/DI system?

    If anyone is interested in the DUAL MEMBRANE system to conserve water, I recently posted an article on my forum that describes the system. Go to SPONSORS....."Dr. Jim's Reef Corner".....DUAL RO MEMBRANE (thread)
  17. jmckdvm

    Red bug treatment and info

    Does anyone need Interceptor? I can obtain Interceptor if enough people are interested. I need to by cartons of 10-packs, (6 tablets per pack), so I would need to wait until 7 or 8 people are interested before ordering. (There are a few people on the list already). If you would like to be put...
  18. jmckdvm

    Saving Fish with Velvet

    I don't wish to start a debate over chloroquine vs copper, but I also don't want readers to be misinformed. With all due respect, I'd like to comment on Nathan's statements: 1) Although many sources state that chloroquine only targets certain stages, all I can say is that it certainly seems to...
  19. jmckdvm

    feeding an antheas

    Forgot to mention: for feeding, try live brine shrimp, or frozen brine, mysis or Pacific Plankton (which is a brand of food comprised of Euphausia pacifica, a plankton krill.) I mix the three of these frozen foods together, thawed, then add Selcon, an omega 3 & 6 fatty acid supplement, and...