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    FS: full box of reef crystals salt 08742

    This is closed, you can lock it up
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    Bobbit Worm

    Wow, lucky it decided to come up there so you could see it. They can come in super small on anything and then grow up. Good luck in your hunt.
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    Wild Tenuis placement

    Granted we have a lot of light in our tank, but we start all our sps on the bottom, give 5em at least a week to get acclimated and then move them accordingly. Wild caught is going to be even more sensitive so I would be patient with it.
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    FS: full box of reef crystals salt 08742

    It’s yours. Text me to set up a meetup
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    How to kill aiptasia in a reef tank

    F aiptasia worked pretty well and I like that if you are going to use a treatment, thicker and kind of says caked on the aiptasia. We could not get rid of them so we got a copperband and he has destroyed all of them.
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    FS: full box of reef crystals salt 08742

    So I wasn’t paying full attention and ordered reef crystals instead of just regular instant ocean. Since everything is going well right now not worth it for a box of salt. Looking for 55
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    The 210 tank build

    Had a picture from November 2019 pop up so I wanted to post a comparison.
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    Light Ideas

    I think the radios are he way to go. A 10g doesn’t take a whole lot of light so you don’t really need an expensive option there
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    Light Ideas

    Size and dimension of tank? There are so many lighting options out there, the real question is what is your budget and what do you want your electricity bill to be.
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    Could this be each?

    If you mean the big spot on the dorsal fin, probably not. ich is like pinhead size and covers the fish.
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    Sps Question

    The other thing with those pictures is the lights the vendors run when taking pics, they are super super blue. So unless you run your tank like that you won’t get those colors. But under the right conditions yes those colors are mostly real.
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    Refugium Question

    careful with the caleurpa, yes it grows quicker but it can go sexual and crash your system.
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    Refugium Question

    As others have said, let it grow until it is literally blocking the light and some of it is dying off.
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    Stick guys & girls

    None yet, will keep you posted. We are probably about a month in so we will see the long term effects.
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    Stick guys & girls

    1.026 salinity 9.2 alk, a little high for us but the acros love it right now have not tested calcium or magnesium in a long time trying to keep nitrates and phosphates down, using nopo, skimmer and water changes every 2-3 weeks. corals are loving the Red Sea reef energy
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    I'm Back

    This is more of a community and we have seen every spectrum of tank on here. Facebook can just be toxic trash sometimes. People ask for pics because we might see something that you missed or be able to offer specific guidance to a specific problem. Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to the...
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    The 210 tank build

    happy Sunday from our barnacle blenny
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    Hawaii bans collection of saltwater fish

    https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2021/01/16/hawaiis-aquarium-fishery-is-shuttered-pending-review/?fbclid=IwAR0-u5fSO2_JEoGmyAdtfpsdoBZbrOYgpvEYjhtnv7i4gj-kJuazqmATMx0 Marine fish can no longer be collected out of Hawaii, so if there is something you have an eye on get it soon as the prices on...
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    The 210 tank build

    For our tank size, we are kind of understocked so I agree this helps a lot. We will be keeping an eye on nutrient levels, we are still dosing a bit below recommended and will probably keep it that way.