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  1. Omgnotyouagain

    A Funny

  2. Omgnotyouagain

    I need a saw

    Ugh I need to get a saw lol but which one
  3. Omgnotyouagain

    Wth is going on

    Why does this bubble have a mouth.
  4. Omgnotyouagain


    1hr drive to Milford. And a 10 minute conversation scored this. The gentleman is moving let me know if you want me to pass on the number
  5. Omgnotyouagain


    Picked up some golden yumas can’t wait till. They grow up then I’ll cut them off the rocks.
  6. Omgnotyouagain

    WTT/wtb rodi and ato

    Pretty simple and straightforward I’m looking to buy or trade for an auto top off and a RODI unit I’m located in town of Secaucus and free mostly Mondays and Sundays after 4 o’clock most weekdays feel free to message me I have lots of Corals to trade As well as rocks and a few anemones
  7. Omgnotyouagain


    So it’s been a few months since I got some mangroves and placed them in the back of my 75 overflow wall one sprouted. But when stitched tanks I got to see the new growth and im impressed the new placement is in the return pipe I’ll probably keep and eye out just to make sure they don’t over...
  8. Omgnotyouagain

    Omgnotyouagain Red Sea Reefer 450

    Here’s a small look into what I’ve been doing so far and the list that I’ve compiled. Display - Custom Screen Mesh Top - 3x Ai Primes - Automatic Feeder (Feeding Elos SV) - 2x Maxspect XF-150 Gyre - Magnetic Frag Rock Livestock - Rosy Scale...
  9. Omgnotyouagain

    Free 75 RR tank

    75 Gal rr tank looking for a good home used she brought me lots of joy hope she goes to a good home if not gotta it’s going the trash.
  10. Omgnotyouagain

    Omgnotyouagain’s Red Sea Reefer 450

    So me and Eric came to an accord and I took the tank off his hands being that I want to upgrade so now I’m in the process of setting up. She is going to be beautiful
  11. Omgnotyouagain

    Help moving a tank

    So I’m in the process of talking to someone in regards to buying 180 gallon Reef tank from what I can see it’s not too far from me roughly about 35 to 45 minutes the only problem I’m having is transporting the tank so does anyone on the reef forum Think they can help me out The logistics Tank...
  12. Omgnotyouagain

    WTB 120 Gallon RR Tank

    So wither I have to buy or trade for it I want a 120 I want the footprint to be 48x24x24 my goal is to get this before my wedding or after I’m debating on selling of my corals to try to fund the build.
  13. Omgnotyouagain

    Snails Everywhere

    So a long time ago I thought I saw my trochus snail spawning. A milky white substance was being released so I said cool whole knows maybe I’ll get a bunch flash forward to today I’m looking around my tank as we all do. To my surprise I see a snail in every part of the tank. T Each picture taken...
  14. Omgnotyouagain

    Basket for nems

    Basket Pond H2O 5" Round Water Garden... Amazon.com This basket is amazing definitely need to figure out some type of waterproof magnet
  15. Omgnotyouagain

    Tiny tank

    So I set up the 3.7 rock work has a minimalist aesthetic but yet kind of the cave appeal as well Small heater, stock return, and the Kessil running under the lowest intensity Overall I’m very pleased with how it came out stay tune to see what I put in. Always open to sump
  16. Omgnotyouagain

    Sweet deal

    I somehow made a deal for some rocks ended up with a lot more. Kid brought me 1. small nano tank 3.7 gal with return,heater and a screen even a small light for it. 2. Kessil a80 with an arm 3. About 25-30 lbs of Tonga, stax and purple reef rock all this for a torch, a mushroom, and some zoa...
  17. Omgnotyouagain

    Wtb red macro algae

    If anyone has any I would like to try growing some also any tips. I’m actually growing three mangroves in my 75 gallon as well so I csn trade you one
  18. Omgnotyouagain

    Shoutout to Wilson

    Shoutout to @Wilson416 for hooking it up in the community. I was able to upgrade my sump. Hooked me up with a fellow reefer Don’t mind the mess the skimmer chamber is perfect. Also waiting on new filter socks. I’m thinking of maybe doing some macro algae. Some dragon tongue or something...
  19. Omgnotyouagain

    WTB : sump

    Looking for a sump something for a 75 or 90 Pick near north jersey Can also offer Frags and nems to sweeten any deal
  20. Omgnotyouagain

    Wtb ato

    Hey guys if anyone has any extra ato they have let me know would like to chat thanks for looking