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    Amphipods and Copepods from Aquarium Depot

    Aquarium Depot is running their "Buy 1000 Pods, Get 1000 Pods for Free" Promotion again. Since the offer's set to expire within a couple hours, I went ahead and placed a large order (to take advantage of the free shipping). I'll have a couple extra portions available. I know a lot of people...
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    Large Monti Cap Colony 07932

    Hello, I have a large monti cap colony (10” x 8” minimum) that I’m looking to relocate. It’s not the fanciest coral but is healthy and looks great at this size. Asking $80 or best offer. Pick up only. You’ll need to bring a plastic bin since it won’t fit in a 5 gallon bucket. Thanks.
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    Free 125 gallon RR with stand (not mine)

    not mine, but here’s a free 125 gallon RR with stand out on Long Island. https://www.manhattanreefs.com/forum/sale-trade/288519-125g-rr-tank-lighting-other-odds-ends-sale-long-island-1.html
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    WTB: JBJ RL-20L frag tank or something similar

    Hello, Looking to purchase (or trade equipment for) a JBJ RL-20L all-in-one frag tank. I know this tank was discontinued a few years ago but was wondering if anyone still had one. Would also consider other similar small AIO shallow frag tanks. If possible, would want a stand as well. Please...
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    Peppermint Shrimp from a large order

    Just a heads up to everyone that Rusalty is running a special for peppermint shrimp at $4.25 each. You do have to buy a lot of 40 at a time to get that price though, plus they tack on about $10 for handling and you'll need to make some other small add-on purchase to get over $175 for the free...
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    90 gallon RR for $50 in Forest Hills, NOT MINE

    Just a heads up for something being sold on ManhattanReefs: For Sale - $50 90g RR (manhattanreefs.com) Seems like a pretty good deal and I heard that 90 gallons are hard to come by right now. Gotta drive out to Forest Hills though.
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    Large piece of Pukani with rainbow BTAs

    Hello, I have this huge piece of Pukani (about 20 lbs) with a lot of rainbow BTAs on it (at least 18 ranging in size up to 7-8”). It also has a patch of Superman monti on it though the BTAs have knocked it back a bit. I would like $550 or best offer for it. Would also be open to potential...
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    Free tanks 07932

    Hello, Just cleaning out the basement and have a couple tanks to give away. First is a 20 gallon high (24 x 12 x 16). The second is a 15 gallon high (20 x 10 x 18). Here's the catch. The glass looks good on both of them though the 15 gallon may have a small slow leak and therefore needs to be...
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    WTB AI Hydra HMS Single Arm Mount

    Hello, I'm looking to pick up an AI Hydra HMS Single Arm Mount for my Hydra 64 HD (which should be the same as the one that accommodates the 52 HD). I figured I'd check here before buying online. The catch is, I need one with the old style clamp since I don't have enough clearance in the...
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    C-Vue 40 gallon AIO tank - Florham Park, 07932

    Hello, I'm looking to sell this C-Vue 40 gallon AIO tank for $200 or best offer. Might be willing to consider trades for other equipment as well. Full disclosure - I bought it used from another reefer but never wound up setting it up. He used it for 6-8 months. This is a stock picture though...
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    Tank, Stand/Hood, and sump with lighting

    I still have this setup and wanted to offer it free to any PAID member of NJReefers. It's a tank, stand, hood, and sump tank combo. Even comes with lights. This was my old tank that crashed during Hurricane Sandy. It hasn't been set up since then and we moved it to our new house but never fully...
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    Mysid Shrimp Questions

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with getting mysid shrimp established in their tanks. I know that a couple of the LFS (Absolutely Fish and Sea Level) seem to have established populations in some of their tanks, though both have said that they just came in as hitchhikers. And they weren't...
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    WTB: Neptune WAV pump(s)

    Hello, I'm looking to pick up one, possibly two Neptune WAV pumps. I figured I'd look here before buying online. If you have any to move, please let me know condition, how old, and asking price. Thank you!
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    Bunch of stuff for sale, a little of everything from low to high end!

    Hello everyone, I spent the weekend doing a lot of work on my tank so I have a bunch of stuff to sell now. I have a bad habit of wanting to try different equipment and then changing my mind, so now I have a ton of stuff to get rid of! All prices are for pick up here in Florham Park (07932) - I'd...
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    Looking for a stand for a 24" x 24" frag tank

    Hello, I'm still looking to pick up a small AIO frag tank with a low profile, ideally something like a JBJ RL-20. If you have something that fits the bill, please let me know. I did find an acrylic low profile AIO that I'm thinking about purchasing, but I'd need a 24" x 24" stand to go with...
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    WTB: JBJ RL-20, IM Lagoon 25 gallon or similar low profile frag tank

    Hello, I'd like to pick up a JBJ RL-20, IM Lagoon 25 gallon or similar low profile tank to be used as a small frag tank. If you have something like this for sale, please send me a PM with info and asking price. Would also be open to an acrylic tank but prefer an AIO setup with a stand. Thanks.
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    Selling Rainbow BTAs, live rock, and huge piece of Pukani

    Hello, my tanks are crowded so I'm looking to sell off a combination of rainbow BTAs and live rock to make room (and fund other purchases!) Possibly open to trades for other livestock and/or equipment. Prices for the rainbow BTAs are $50 (2-3"), $75 (4-5"), $100 (6"+) but most of them are stuck...