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    Trading Rainbow bubbletip Anemones for Shrimp

    anyone here trading shrimp off for a rainbow bubble tip looking for cleaners or fire the anemones are soft ball sized
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    WTB or WTT for a 75 Gallon Tank

    looking to either buy or trade for a 75gallon tank thinking of upgrading my cube into a 75gallon looking to trade rainbow anemones for it softball sized mostly looking for a tank only unless you have a decent setup you looking to just get rid of please let me know - 973-900-0939
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    WTB fluval Sea Evo 13.5gallon

    Looking to buy a 13.5gallon Fluval Evo V saltwater kit tank for a family member. text me at - 973-900-0939
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    WTB 30-40 Gallon ALL in One Tank (biocube)

    looking to buy a 30-40 Gallon all in one tank for a family member, text me at 973-900-0939 must be all in one something like a BioCube shoot me a message.
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    Anyone want to trade some Gym equipment or weights for rainbow Bubble tip

    anyone looking to trade some gym stuff for a rainbow bubble tip 3 inches+ got two of them
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    filtration system ideas advice?

    hello, so i bought a house in hopatcong, moving my fish tank over this week ive been buying all my water for the tank in 5 gallon jugs for water changes got really annoying now haha, so im thinking of getting water filter system for cooking water / fish tank but dont really want to slow my water...
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    Shrimp Dying any ideas?

    hey guys, so my tanks been running for a solid 2 years now, at one point i had 2 cleaner 2 blood shrimp in a 40 gallon cube, there was never any issues between the groups cleaners hung on the top portion of the rocks bloods in the caves. about 2 months ago i lost 2 cleaners randomly all their...
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    Anyone here work for Verizon / Tech installer?

    hey anyone here work for verizon, im currently looking for a new job and been trying to get into verizon for many years i have a good amount of audio video experience along with prewiring / electrical work / data lining or if anyone is looking for a worker in that style of work please let me...
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    looking to buying a house need mortgage advice

    hey guys, im looking into buying a house in the west milford area been looking at getting a mortgage only did a pre approval with bank of america and their rates are crazy, i was told to do a FHA loan since i dont have 20% down payment. but since my credit score is 790+ found out best route is...
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    anyone here got a SAPPHIRE SUMP 26 trigger sump?

    looking for some info on a sump 26 saphire sump if anyone has one
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    Need advice on return pump 32 biocube

    Hey guys, My current stock return pump just isn’t pushing enough water through anymore I’ve cleaned it and all the media rack eventually just fills up to the top cause the water isn’t really sucked in was looking at upgrades People swear by the sicce pump And the cobalt the cobalt is basically...
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    Looking for 75-90s gallon tank

    I’m looking for a 75-90ish gallon tank only not really sure how much these things really run, but I’m looking for something little nicer i can come remove it drain it clean it what ever has to be done for the right price. Text me at 973-900-0939. Luke
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    Looking to buy cleaner shrimp / blood shrimp

    Looking to buy cleaner or blood shrimp size doesn’t matter the bigger the better message me if you have any for sale willing to buy 2-3 depending on price
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    Advice on Custom building Sump

    hey guys im currently planning on upgrading my fish tank to something alittle bigger maybe 75-100 gallon but wanted to get some of the essentials first also the house the put this tank into haha so heres the idea the display tank 75-100gallon plan The sump im custom making out of Plexiglass...
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    Audio video specialist LF WORK!

    Hey guys, i am starting up my own business on installing audio video equipment, we mount televisions, soundbars, inwall speakers, cameras, LED strips, prewires, wire managements things in that nature. if anyone here looking for any work like that done shoot me a call or text at my cell...
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    Rainbow Bubble Tip anemone split

    finally! got to experience my rainbow bubble tip anemone split today after about 8 months in the same space exciting stuff came home saw two of them now!
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    Ocean gallery 2 experience

    Went to check out their Black Friday weekend deals, it was completely garbage imo all the tanks where dirty as hell, every tank covered in bubble algae all the lower end softies stupidly over priced 2 head candy canes for $30-40 everything was just garbage i drove an hour there so i decided to...
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    Which carbon do you guys use

    Looking to buy some carbon I’ve been buying the matrix carbon any ideas
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    how to clean handed down rock COMPLETELY

    So i found somone throwing out a tank that got nuked by who knows what that had alot of decent live rock in it how would you completely clean this rock to remove all pest and pretty much make the rock white again basically want to turn the rock into dry rock
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    Buying Mandarin / blue tang

    trying to buy a baby blue tang, and a mandarin any color mandarin really Also an anemone Crab if anyone got one text me at 973-900-0939