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  1. Jamie S

    Good growth no color

    I have a few corals that have decent growth but no color. Here’s an example of 1 month color. The original pice still has the same color as when I got it. Any ideas why the new growth won’t color up?
  2. Jamie S

    WTB bubble tip anemone

    Looking to buy one or more bubble top anemones to start a small clownfish harem in my biocube for my daughter. Color doesn’t matter. Located in central NJ (Monmouth County)
  3. Jamie S

    Phosphates and Nitrates

    Good Morning, I'm having a hard time getting my frogspawn and hammer corals to open up. Also I'm starting to notice a little bleaching on the tip of one my acros. My nitrates are 0 and I'm trying to get them up with a little heavier feeding. Any other ideas to raise them without dosing nitrates...
  4. Jamie S

    Kalk vs 2 part to start

    I’ve been slowly adding some corals to my 125 and starting to notice a slight drop in calcium and alkalinity. Weekly 10% water changes have been keeping up with the demand to date but soon it won’t. I’m wondering when people need to start dosing, do they prefer 2 part or kalkwasser? Eventually...
  5. Jamie S

    Heater stuck on

    Well I’m posting this in aquarium keeper screwups because I definitely should’ve caught it. My weekly water change for the biocube started off on the wrong track when I forgot to turn off the ATO. Luckily the alarm sounded shortly after I began the siphon so not much fresh water dumped in. After...
  6. Jamie S

    Copepods in new tank

    Once my tank is done cycling can I add copepods and phytoplankton in the tank? I’d like to get a good population going before I start adding fish. I’m interested also in breeding copepods, has anybody had success doing this? I’d like to learn.
  7. Jamie S

    Free 180 gallon

    Anybody interested in a free 180 gallon reef ready?
  8. Jamie S

    Leak in overflow

    I discovered that the leak into my overflow is from a small hole and after simulating a power failed it fills up the overflow Which then overflows the sump. It’s about 4” below the water line so quite a bit does drain out. I tried gluing a piece of plastic over it but it’s still leaking. I was...
  9. Jamie S

    How the pros do it

    I stumbled across this article by Mike Paletta and is such an interesting read as far as tank parameters go. I know not to chance numbers but it may be something to strive for with the new tank. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/tank-parameters-of-some-masters.295215/
  10. Jamie S

    125 gallons of nature

    This past spring I got back into the hobby with a 32 gallon biocube and already I’ve needed to upgrade. I was able to pick up a used 6’ long 125 gallon with a homemade canopy and stand. First thing I did was sand and paint and lacquer the stand so I can store the tank on it while I do some work...
  11. Jamie S

    WTB sump

    Last week I purchased a 40gallon breeder to build a sump for my 125gallon build however because of the cabinet framing I can only fit a 17” wide sump max. Not very good planning on my part. So I’m looking for a sump to fit my build and preferably a sump that can be used for the Triton Method. If...
  12. Jamie S

    Re sealing a tank

    Hello all, recently I bought a used 125 gallon tank with dual corner overflows and while filling it with water I noticed that there there was a leak halfway up one of the overflows. Now I realize that it’s really no big deal having the water leak into the overflow but after taking a look at the...
  13. Jamie S

    WTB 40 gallon breeder

    Looking to purchase a 40 gallon breeder to convert into a sump. Or looking for a sump somebody is looking to get rid of for a 125 gallon tank. Thanks in advance.
  14. Jamie S

    Fairy Wrasse under the weather?

    This morning I noticed that my fairy wrasse is a bit lethargic and swimming towards the top of the tank today as well as her mouth is open as you can see in the pic. She was fed twice today and seemed to eat both times. I read she may be looking for oxygen and have pointed my return towards the...
  15. Jamie S

    WTB Hannah Checkers

    I’m looking to buy Calcium and Alkalinity Hannah Checkers if anyone has them laying around that they’re not using anymore.
  16. Jamie S

    New 32 gallon biocube

    https://www.marineandreef.com/Coralife_BioCube_Size_32_COMPLETE_REEF_PACKAGE_p/res95672.htm Last month I ordered an AIO biocube and had it filled with water right away. It seems like a nice kit so far and I was impressed with the rock that came with it although it didn’t seem too “live”. The...