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  1. K9Chris

    Does anyone have a bottle of metro or prazi need Toms River?

    My clown seems to have worms or some type of parasite infection. Willing to buy. PM me please. If anything I will try to make it to ACC or another store tomorrow, but I would like to treat ASAP.
  2. K9Chris

    WTB Easy Beginner Corals (Near Toms River area)

    Looking to buy some easy beginner corals near the Toms River area. My nano tank just finished cycling and my AI Prime HD is coming in today. Interested in softies or maybe some lps like frog spawn. Trying to avoid anything that contains palytoxins as I have a pup that likes to lick any drop of...
  3. K9Chris

    K9's 10 Gallon Quarantine Tank

    I'm setting up a ten gallon tank as a quarantine tank while I get my 80 gallon DT set up. So far so good. It's currently cycling. Last reading, 3/9, was ammonia of 0 and nitrites of 2. Waiting on nitrites to drop before I test for nitrates. Equipment: Acrylic 10 gallon tank- gifted Aqueon...
  4. K9Chris

    Any sailors out here?

    Anyone here sail? I had my roommate teach me some basics last summer and will probably also take the ASA 101 class this year. Trying to find someone who goes out often to take me under their wing and teach me. Willing to bring some beers (if of age) and hands to help with repairs. Didn't mean...
  5. K9Chris

    WTB Bubble Blaster HY2000 Skimmer Pump (Toms River 08755)

    Hey everyone! I got a Reef Octopus xp2000sss with the tank that I bought. The skimmer pump is broken though (the magnet swelled). Looking to buy a replacement...Or advice on MacGyvering an internal skimmer pump.
  6. K9Chris

    Cleaning Used Sump, Tank, and Live Rock

    Hey everyone! Not sure if I should be posting this in tales of the tank or here, but I'm trying to clean out some of the old equipment that I was sold before I use it. Any opinions on if this rock needs to be bleached or cleaned before I throw it into a tank? I also have some nasty build up...
  7. K9Chris

    WTB reef ready tank or parts for a 30-45 gallon (Toms River or Ocean/Monmouth/Middlesex County)

    Hello all! I'm new to the hobby and would like to start out with a 30-45 gallon tank. Realistically I'm fine with anything that will fit in a 40"x 24" area. Ideally trying to find someone who is selling a reef ready set up. I've been eyeing the Red Sea Reefer 250, but that is way too expensive...