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  1. K9Chris

    Nerf leagues? Superguns? What?

    Very cool! Did you use spraypaint or model paint and an airbrush? @Mark_C
  2. K9Chris

    WTB bubble tip anemone

    @Jamie S Please start a harem tank thread when you get it going. I want to turn my nano into one when my DT gets up and running.
  3. K9Chris

    Post surgery ramblings

    Lay the knowledge on us, oh wise reefing guru.
  4. K9Chris

    Does anyone have a bottle of metro or prazi need Toms River?

    Thanks again @mickeysreef <*))))< !
  5. K9Chris

    Does anyone have a bottle of metro or prazi need Toms River?

    My clown seems to have worms or some type of parasite infection. Willing to buy. PM me please. If anything I will try to make it to ACC or another store tomorrow, but I would like to treat ASAP.
  6. K9Chris

    Emergency Sale - Leak Shutting Down NNJ 07481 UPDATED 4/8

    Thanks! Glad to hear there wasn't any major damage from the leak.
  7. K9Chris

    WTB Easy Beginner Corals (Near Toms River area)

    @DangerDave let me know when I can hop on by then!
  8. K9Chris

    Anyone 3D Printing?

    I got a helping pair of hands I’d you’re willing to give some guidance to a wannabe sailor.
  9. K9Chris

    WTB Easy Beginner Corals (Near Toms River area)

    I am a paid club member. At that point, what do you have for sale that you suggest me starting out with @DangerDave ? I’ll definitely let my tank mature a little more if that’s what the club generally suggests. @Yates273 , I’m not interested in GSP as my rock is quite porous and I’m worried I...
  10. K9Chris

    WTB Easy Beginner Corals (Near Toms River area)

    Looking to buy some easy beginner corals near the Toms River area. My nano tank just finished cycling and my AI Prime HD is coming in today. Interested in softies or maybe some lps like frog spawn. Trying to avoid anything that contains palytoxins as I have a pup that likes to lick any drop of...
  11. K9Chris

    Anyone 3D Printing?

    Woahhh baby! Weathers getting nice. You going out any time soon?
  12. K9Chris

    Anyone 3D Printing?

    I wouldn't recommend it. The build volume is very small for a project thats going to require so much setup and troubleshooting. You will get tons of gratification if you get it running, but the applications for a sailboat will be limited. I will say from an engineering perspective, he does an...
  13. K9Chris

    Anyone 3D Printing?

    Not gonna knock down a fellow tinkerer for taking up a new project! Do you want to borrow a printer of mine (its a cheapo ender 3) before making the $$$ plunge into building your own? It should at least get your feet wet. Its not the best printer and could probably use some tuning up... but it...
  14. K9Chris

    Anyone 3D Printing?

    I unfortunately don't have a lot of experience doing custom builds. I've worked with a few engineers that do that for a living , but their printed products are a lot more robust than anything I would ever need. I always recommend buying a kit or pre-built as a first printer unless you're trying...
  15. K9Chris

    Anyone 3D Printing?

    I 3d print! What do you want to know? It’s not difficult once you get the machine and software set up.
  16. K9Chris

    Rasta zoas and rainbow incinerators

    PMed @john90009
  17. K9Chris

    Green Kenya Tree

    Hoping that youll still have some in a week or two! Still waiting for my nano's nitrite levels to come down.
  18. K9Chris

    Welcome To NJRC! Take a minute to introduce yourself

    Welcome welcome!!!
  19. K9Chris

    Brick Fire

    Let us know if theres anything we can do for you @MadReefer . Hope everything turns out okay.
  20. K9Chris

    WTB fluval Sea Evo 13.5gallon

    You can get them new at petco for $120 right now (I believe MSRP is $160) if you order for pick up.