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    Post surgery clean up!!!

    Glad you are feeling better man
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    online snails and stuff

    I’m not sure what part of Jersey you are in but the hidden reef has them in stock near Philly
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    The "What's the damn thing doing today" thread

    I’ll get one in the next week or so and see if I can add to this.
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    New stuff

    Aquarium Care Center had some yesterday. Like four. Sure they still have them
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    New stuff

    Yes! Start one please
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    New stuff

    I really want a tuxedo urchin. with one of those 3D printed Viking hats
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    deadliest creature in the ocean

    If you have annoying in-laws, sure.
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    Shouts to Bandito Aquatics !!

    I’m gonna have to go check him out
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    Hidden reef dangggg

    They usually do have a ton of fish. I’ve had good luck with everything I have bought there.
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    Hidden reef dangggg

    Have you been to reefco yet?
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    Hidden reef dangggg

    It’s a great place for dry goods
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    I was trying club members first.
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    Jackson. But I travel the whole state for work. So I’m not afraid to travel. thanks for the reminder
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    Hi all! Does anyone have any lepto frags for sale? TIA
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    Six Line Wrasses

    I’m gonna try to find a pink streaked wrasse. I know, good luck.
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    Green Kenya Tree

    Sure thank you. Just let me know where and when
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    They had them in aquarium center in clementon last week. I also see them regularly whenever I go to the hidden reef. It’s in PA but only about five minutes from the Jersey border.
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    Green Kenya Tree

    Hope you enjoyed your trip
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    WTB Easy Beginner Corals (Near Toms River area)

    Dave is great, you won’t be sorry heading down there.