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    ok guys. im doing a non profit and we are going to have a first meeting like in the next 30 days. im looking for officers. so whats its about is first of all not stepping on NJRC toes. alright so if you want to get involved message me but essentially what i am doing is CHANGING THE WORLD! not...
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    I/O Salt Buy

    So I heard a lot of guys buy I/O at LFS cause they get a discount in bulk. Just wondering if anyone has done that and what they might have paid? I've been buying 2 buckets at a time over at petco and they have a sale for 30/each right now. So am thinking about grabbing 4 buckets.
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    29G Biocube Journal

    tank running approximately 6 months no fish or inverts were QT in this tank 29G Biocube 100w Nicrew (2 channels - keep blue on 2nd highest setting and whites off) refugium in the first chamber, return in last chamber, heater and biomedia in middle chamber - was running uv there but dosing...
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    20% off brs gear

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    I just did something

    I just placed an online order for live fish from Petco... just really did it cause I want to know how it'll work out. bought a small bubble tip anemone for $28, and a blue linkia star fish for $16. overnight shipping was $30
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    0 NItrates!

    Finally hit 0 nitrates in my 29g biocube. YAY! Nitrates were not that bad on this tank, hovering between 20 and 40 for the last month or two (requiring strict weekly water changes), and recovering from a crash. but i wanted to step it up without breaking the bank so i added 3 cheap submersible...
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    wtb BTA close to 08731

    would like to buy BTA. I kinda like green but another color would be ok too. must be firesale cheap! btw, it's not for me. it's for this guy hosting the clam.
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    SWC 160 Cone Skimmer $125 08731

    Has a crack brace holding up adjustment tube. does not affect performance at all. pulls like a champ. too small for me. 125 is member price, 150 nonmember price
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    Acrylic Sump 36x16x16 $250 08731

    perfect condition Acrylic Sump 36x16x16 $250 08731
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    Regal 300SSS

    thinking about buying this, does anyone have one or had one. something else i should be looking at?
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    Mangrove 08731

    I ordered more than I need, they are $2 a pop. They should be here sometime this week.
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    WTB Macro Algae 08731

    Looking for some Macros near lacey. Ive got chaeto already, so looking for other macros. i had ulva but it sort of broke apart on me. there may be some in the tank no idea since im getting a lot of hair algae and gloopy stuff in the refigium.
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    Anyone 3D Printing?

    am thinking about doing this
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    AIO Box Up to 40g $50 08731

    This is good up to a 40 gallon tank. There is a small crack on the back which will not impact performance. You simply silicone this inside your tank and you can ditch the HOB. Also good if you don't have a drilled tank. Can be used on larger tank with smaller bioload if you're the type to have...
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    big tank $100 Tom's River

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    Naked Cinnamon

    Picked up a pair yesterday. Didn't qt them so who knows! I don't run qt on this tank but it does have a UV so eh probably ok.
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    aquatic life or giesemann t5 hybrid

    i think im going to take the dive and buy a new fixture, i really really didnt want to but i think it is going to be necessary. ok heres the background and the plan: the tank is 36x18x8. i want to shoot for sps mainly but i am a sucker for a bit of lps. initially i think the tank will be for cuc...
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    wtb 24" t5

    i am thinking about 4 bulb 24" t5 if someone has something
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    wtb 36 t5

    picked up a frag tank and need a light. 36 long. anyone got anything?