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    Long Polyp Toadstool

    Cool. Just let me know when you want to grab it.
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    Long Polyp Toadstool

    Looking at $25. It's splitting so will be 2 shortly. I had to make some room in my 450 so it's just sitting in my Nano. Other Pic is of one of the other colonies so you can see the extension. Zip is 07724.
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    Free Bobbit Worm

    If anyone wants dibs on this guy I am getting him out of my nano in the next week or two. I am 99% sure this is a true Bobbit Worm. It's starting to spring traps in the sand with passing snails.
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    online snails and stuff

    Reefcleaners is the absolute best.
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    Frogspawn Softball Size 07724

    Like 3.5. One is about to split.
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    Frogspawn Softball Size 07724

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    Frogspawn Softball Size 07724

    After a decade its finally time to part ways with this guy. Looking for $150.
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    Best light on the market. No comparison.
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    Show me your previous tanks!

    My first tank back in 2005. I still have the same leathers.
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    Could this be the reason

    Very possible but doubtful. I still think it has something to do with the way you were dosing or the frequency you were dosing.
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    DeL's Reefer 750XXL

    Seale's are always out and about. You should get some more. They shoal real nice. The breeding pressure does reduce their lifespan. Once my Maragrita Cardinal dies I am definitly getting one.
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    DeL's Reefer 750XXL

    Nice Seale's. Best thing in the tank besides the slimer, blue tip stag, and the yellow tip stag.
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    Dangerous problem

    Check out the coralvue controller. You can probablly use this. Control a Heater and powerheads. If power goes out I would be surprised there wasn't a notification. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/hydros-control-2-starter-pack-aquarium-controller-system-hydros.html
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    I just did something

    Weeks too a few months.
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    I just did something

    Those stars have no chance in such a small tank. The fluctuations due to the small water volume are gonna do them in quickly.
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    I just did something

    When you put a hold on a shipment it stays at the local pickup facility so you can go and pick up in the morning rather than wait for delivery.
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    Skunks Breeding

    Really looking like fish now.
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    I just did something

    Were they delivering directly to you? I thought you ordered it and then they ship it to a store and then you pick it up.
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    I just did something

    It from the wholesaler they use which I believe was/is Quality Marine. Same stuff you get when you order from Liveaquaria outside of Divers Den.
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    ICP help

    All coral use iodine in tissue growth and repair especially soft coral. Your iodine is definitly not zero. It may physiological be impossible.