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  1. jd120988

    Activated Carbon Pellets

    Anybody need an almost full container of carbon. It's open but I only ran one bag of it and decided to pick up brs rox .08 instead. Pickup only brick 08723. Pm for address.
  2. jd120988

    Olive sand sifting periscope snail

    Well I did it again. I thought I was buying one type of sea critter and purchased something completely different. I seen this monster crawling around the tank and thought wow what a huge nassarius snail that'll do a fine job cleaning my sand bed. Well once I got home and noticed the name on the...
  3. jd120988

    Bluehead wrasse free!

    I made a mistake and purchased a blueheaded wrasse thinking it was a blueheaded fairy wrasse from brick petco and I didn't realize until I was acclimating him in a bucket. I had a fairy wrasse on order and I stopped at the store just for the heck of it and they had bags in the tank so I felt...
  4. jd120988

    Dragons breath macro

    I'm looking for some dragons breath macro if anybody has any for sale near brick 08723.
  5. jd120988

    Double threaded 3/4 bulkhead

    I have a cracked bulkhead I need to replace asap as it was leaking pretty bad but I did get it to slow to nearly nothing. Not sure I can get one from acc or somewhere else but if anybody has a double-threaded 3/4 inch bulkhead in the brick area it would save me a ton of trouble. Amazon won't...
  6. jd120988

    Wtb some chaeto

    Long story short, my lighting schedule for my chateo got messed up and now my chaeto is frail and falling apart and smelling a bit funky. So I'm looking to replace it today as I have a big shipment of pods and phyto out for delivery. Anybody have any they are trimming back or have some for sale...
  7. jd120988

    92 gallon corner tank

    Is anybody in need of a nice corner tank? I have a 92 gallon corner tank setup that I want to pass on to another member in need or maybe someone looking to start in the hobby. I planned on putting this together over the winter as a predator tank but unfortunately the wife doesn't approve and my...
  8. jd120988

    WTT flame hawkfish

    I have a less than model citizen whom has been banished to the sump as of last night. He began bullying my new jawfish yesterday and the jawfish was a must have on my list whereas Mr hawkfish was not, honestly its my fault for adding the hawkfish first so its not really his fault. Anyway I'd...
  9. jd120988

    Wtb chaeto

    Anybody in the brick or surrounding ocean county area have any chaeto for sale?
  10. jd120988

    Leveling 65 gallon tank and calculating saltwater needs

    Hey guys, ive been out of the game for about 3 years and I've finally gathered everything I need to get a new reef setup. I have a 65 gallon rimless tank. I test ran it for about a week or so in the garage before moving it to the living room. It was perfectly level on all corners/sides in the...
  11. jd120988

    5 gallon bucket of dry rock

    Another member gave me this rock awhile back and I never got around to setting up my biocube. Im building a 65 gallon setup now and going a different route with the build so I won't need this rock. Free to whomever wants it and it should be cleaned before use. Pickup only in brick, 08723.
  12. jd120988

    WTB 40-75 gallon tank and stand

    Looking for a tank and stand in the 40-75 gallon range. Would like reef ready but not necessary. If it comes with lighting and a sump that's a bonus but also not necessary. Located in brick but if the deal is right I can travel a bit.
  13. jd120988

    Live rock or dry rock

    Hi all, long story short I ran into some financial hardships which led me to sell all my live stock and live rock. I still have all my equipment and am itching to restart my tank. It’s only a Biocube 29 so I only need about 20-25lbs of rock. If anybody had any for sale for a good price let me...
  14. jd120988

    Green polyp leather

    I want to get rid of my leather coral. Anybody have anything to trade? Its approximately 5" across. Located in brick nj 08723
  15. jd120988

    Wtb Walt Disney frag or similar

    I'm looking for a small frag of a Wd or orange passion or maybe pretty in pink open to offers. Really looking for a single high end acro to make my show piece in my 29 gallon. I'm really not looking to spend a fortune so a small frag is perfect I can find them online all day long but the prices...