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  1. DELxCMB

    mini reefer and red sea reefer

    just turned 4 months !!
  2. DELxCMB

    sanjay joshi "corals need more full spectrum light" aka white light

    hey all. so I just finished watching the video of reefbum interviewing Sanjay Joshi. for those who don't know, Sanjay is one of the OGs who had his own clowns named after him before all of these designer clowns came around. he has a tank where the corals just growwwwwwww. he is very well known...
  3. DELxCMB

    placing aquarium depot order

    hey guys. placing an order and wanna know if anyone needs pods. need to know ASAP. text me. placing order by 5pm.
  4. DELxCMB

    Shouts to Bandito Aquatics !!

    shouts to Eric aka bandito!! i was just at his house 2 weeks ago, where he definitely hooked me up with 3 frags at great price. Then, last Saturday he held onto the NY Knicks torch which he knew I've been wanting, but didn't want to pay those insane prices. So today I stopped by again since...
  5. DELxCMB

    torch for sale $10

    selling my dragon soul torch for $10!! TODAY ONLY !!!!!!
  6. DELxCMB

    why do places think a 3" frag is a colony

    so I've been seeing a lot of sales going on all over fb. I go to check out the website on some frags, and they show a picture that says "mother colony". I click on it and see a 3" or 5" max coral. usually when someone says colony, it's a coral that's has more than 50 branches. is it just me...
  7. DELxCMB

    shout out to Rob aka hockeynut !!

    new toy ready to be installed!! custom made algae scrubber from my brotha rob of robkustomz !!
  8. DELxCMB

    40g breeder tank

    hey guys. not using it. just taking up space. im going to use a 20g instead for QT. $25. if you want the black wooden stand, package deal $75. don't mind the messy area. heheheh. pick up in edison
  9. DELxCMB

    croc island scoly

    hey guys. selling my croc island scoly. nice and healthy and eating. Tentacles are out every night. I just got bored with it. got my eye on something else. asking $200 OBO. colors are crazy especially from the top down view. message me for more info or pics
  10. DELxCMB

    WTB or WTT for mp40

    looking for an mp40. I can trade an mp10 plus cash or just cash hahaha.
  11. DELxCMB

    72" Reefbrite XHO 50/50

    I'm selling a barely used 72" reefbrite XHO in the 50/50 color. I got a deal on 2 of them, but I'm keeping the all blues. $300 obo. retail is $445. box and legs included. pickup in edison. message me for info.
  12. DELxCMB

    WTB Millepora sps

    anyone have any milles for sale ? I've always loved milles due to their poly extensions. message me.
  13. DELxCMB

    IM SO F*&**in pissed! i think i have velvet!!!

    first off, i already told Mike (person who was going to buy my bellus angel). so i originally thought that the angel was stressing my pyramid. yesterday i saw it had white spots on him that looked like dust!! last night he died. this morning my blotchy was found dead. just now, my other...
  14. DELxCMB

    female bellus angel FS

    hey guys. selling my female bellus angel. she's not getting along with my tankmates and stressed out my pyramid and one of my blotchy. that means it's time to go. trap arrives Monday so let me know before then if you want her. asking $100. she eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. pellets, flakes...
  15. DELxCMB

    shout out to Amado !

    huge shouts to Amado !! he texted me on Thursday (day I was leaving hospital) and asked if I wanted anything from Danger Dave. He knew I won't be going anywhere for a while so wanted to help me by picking up frags for me. Then, shouts to Dave for hooking me up with some huge frags !! NJRC all day!!
  16. DELxCMB

    New mini reefer has arrived !!!!

    hello NJReef fam !!
  17. DELxCMB

    Aquatic Life hybrid 36"

    I'm not sure why I can't post a new thread in the deals and steals section. mods please move this when possible. selling my Aquatic Life Hybrid 36" with 4 ATI T5s. selling since I have no need for it, and to fund my 72" reefbrite. asking $225 OBO. message me if interested. pick up in...
  18. DELxCMB

    the worst name for this product !! haha

    so I showed this to my wife and she started laughing. who thought of this name? did they really read it? I gotta admit, I want to get one just to have for the name hahahaha. so I guess their marketing tactic worked!
  19. DELxCMB

    UV sterilizer

    regarding UV sterilizers, is it better or safer to get something rated for more than what your tank size is?
  20. DELxCMB

    huge whisper hang on filter.

    hey guys. no longer need this. had it set up on the 40g breeder tank. I can send pics if you really need, but it's free so do you really need pics? hahahaha. I think I also have a new set of filter pads I'll throw in. you can throw in a frag of anything or just take it for free. pick up in...