Picture of The Month Rules

The rules and prizes for the Picture of the Month contest

1. Pictures must be hobby related
2. You must submit your own work
3. Submissions will be taken until one week of month's end
4. Pictures will be displayed anonymously
5. Voting will be an anonymous poll which will run for 7 days starting at least 1 day but no longer than 3 days after the submission date
6. In the event of a tie, a random winner will be chosen by NJRC admins/mods
7. The picture should be a picture that has not been previously posted on any local forums
8. No full tank shots. The picture should be a single focal point or unique perspective
9. The picture should be free of any borders, graphics, signatures, watermarks, and/or date/time information
10. A maximum of one picture maybe submitted
11. There must be at least two unique entries into the contest for it to run
12. Pictures should be emailed to "photos@njreefers.org" with the subject of POTM - USERNAME
13. Contest is open to any register users on the NJRC website

1. Wining picture and winner's username will be displayed on the NJRC Homepage
2. Wining picture and winner's username will be posted on the NJRC Facebook page
3. Winner will have the POTM banner added to their name
4. Winner username will be added to the POTM archive which will link back to the voting poll.
5. A $20 reward via PayPal; unless otherwise listed.
6. Picture will be added to the "Past Picture of the Month Winners" which will add the picture to the photo slide show on NJRC website.
Oct 7, 2016
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