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    Thinking about trying one again. I rehomed the pink spot goby that drove the last to suicide. All of my current fish get along. Don't think the yellow watchman will be a problem- maybe the damsels? It's a 75g tank- any help/ suggestions appreciated
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    Underwater putty/epoxy

    I'm finally liking my scape and the positions for much of my corals. I have an emerald crab ( which I'd rehome in an instant if I could catch it) and some hermits that knock things over. So what's a good epoxy/putty I can use under water to cement things up
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    40 gallon or less reef ready

    Amado has a 50 gal reef ready- nice tank- great price- he's in Edison
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    $100 Oceanic 50 gallon reef ready tank

    @nforgione is looking for one
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    Yellow Watchman and Diamond gobies

    I currently have a yellow watchman with no pistol shrimp. Am thinking about adding a diamond watchman- I had a pink spot that harassed the yellow and rehomed it. I also have a banded sleeper goby- any problems anyone foresee with the three of them in a 75g
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    40 gallon or less reef ready

    Kind of/ almost- I have a free 30gL with stand and hood on the trading forum that's now for free- it is drilled but plugged- so no sump. It also has an in tank sump that is siliconed in but easliy removed- I'm in Chester NJ
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    WTT Large Paly

    4+ inches on flat rock. I'm in Chester NJ
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    WTT Landscape Design Services for Frags etc

    Old school, from simple drawings on a sketch pad to scale designs done by hand. A lot can be accomplished with just a simple conversation/ 2 or 3 lol
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    WTT Landscape Design Services for Frags etc

    I own a landscape design/ development ( and construction) company for 40+ years and now am semi retired. You or your gardener can do the work- most people just don't know where to start ( Home Depot/ Lowes- good prices, but no experts ) Deer problems, shade gardens, natives re-claiming an...
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    Anyone know why kind of bivalve this is? It just showed up in my tank over the last week

    So the question remains- do you keep it, or toss it. I don't know what I'd do- I like different stuff- sometimes I take chances- I got a couple of differnt kinds of sponges- pineapples are fine the 'roots' are a pain- I had/ maybe still have a nudibanch of some kind , and recently found a...
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    WTB Frag tank

    I love when things come together:)
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    WTB Frag tank

    @amado had some a while ago
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    Why cant i post in deals and steals?

    Agree 100%
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    Dragon breath macro algae

    Pm sent
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    Dragon breath macro algae

    Still staying away from sps for now- got a frag of green slimer from @amado- he says it's bulletproof , so I'll se how that goes. Still looking for a torch though