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    Live rock vs dry rock

    I've never bought live rock online- have bought fish etc from KP and was very pleased. I hate to admit it but the live rock I bought from Petco was good- only 'pests' were bristle worms- hitchhikers included snail, spaghetti worms, feather dusters and amphipods Best live rock I've got is from...
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    Berghia Nudibanch

    The piece I read made me think that if you took 2 tanks ( 10g+) and put pieces of dry rock in each and let the aptasia take over in both for a while, then added the nudis to one let the aptasia continue to multiply in the other and replace the pieces of rock that were eaten with fresh ones you...
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    Missing Yasha Goby

    I put 2 yellow watchman in a 40b hoping they'd hook up- one harassed the other until it disappeared- 2 months later it did- was still about the same size as when I put it in. But a 15 g with no obvious aggressors it's hard to imagine it never showing it's face. I don't know much about pairing up...
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    Berghia Nudibanch

    They only eat aptasia and I looked into breeding them which seems relatively easy- a couple of 10 gal tanks- seems like it could be a good business for someone who has a local demand
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    WTT Gsp

    Here's a side (back) view pic. It's up against the glass, I was hoping it would attach and take off. Not sure if you can see the ruler, but it's almost 5" across
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    I don't think you'll do much better than Petco's $24.99 right now
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    Aptasia on zoas

    Lemon juice in a syringe works for me-
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    WTT Gsp

    you guys are closer to each other- I hoping to find someone closer to Chester
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    WTT Gsp

    Fist to softball size- looking to fill out my 13g 'garden' zoas, palys etc. I'm in Chester 07930- can meet locally
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    Mini Dart Gobies

    Has anyone seen them in a LFS or know where I can buy them online
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    Please Help Classroom Projects

    I'll see what parts I still have. I can either take pics or mail you what I have, I think the youtube did use some sort of container- I used leftover black acrylic
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    Please Help Classroom Projects

    Don't think I have pics- I Might have saved the box, etc- the design I took from a youtube video- an acrylic box 5 sided- open on one side, set against the side of the tank- holes drilled in top, plastic knitting sheet hung inside with airstone and led light outside the tank-
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    Zoa Garden

    I finally rehomed a yellow watchman and 2 chromis that were in my 13g- had to pretty much take half the rock out , now I'm working on a zoa garden- looking for zoas, palys cloves- easy stuff that doesn't get too large. I 'm in Morris county can travel as far as Sealevel or Reefco-
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    Rock Flower Anemone

    Just got the yellow watchman out last week. Still moving things around- lots of frags, but small- will post when it's a bit farther along. I'm like the spouse that's never happy with the furniture layout and constantly moving it around lol good thing I don't glue the rocks :)
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    Rock Flower Anemone

    I bought one for my sexy shrimp and placed it on the substrate in the middle of my 13g, about 4 inches from the Kenya tree in the corner that the 3 sexy shrimp made their home. This morning I noticed that the anemone has moved about 2 inches to the left, pushing frags out of it's way. I thought...