• Folks, if you've recently upgraded or renewed your annual club membership but it's still not active, please reach out to the BOD or a moderator. The PayPal system has a slight bug which it doesn't allow it to activate the account on it's own.

Join Us

Becoming a paid NJRC Members opens up different types of benefits. Here is a list of some of the benefits you will receive:

  • Group Buys are held several times a year. These buys cover different types of products from many different types of vendors.
  • Access to member-only forms
    • Deals & Steals (ability to post for sale items)
    • Member-specific voting for Group buys and other activities 
  • NJRC Member banner under their name
  • Many others.

Here are the different types of memberships that NJRC offer:

    • Individual - Cost: $20.00/yr
      • This membership is for one user
      • 12 listings/mth (144 listing/yr) of items for sale***
      • This user will have access to all the above benefits
    • Family - Cost: $26.00/yr
      • This membership is for two users
      • Both users will have access to the above benefits
      • Please email newjerseyreefclub@gmail.com both user names upon registering.

Here are the different Vendor Sponsorships that NJRC offers:

    • GOLD - Cost: $250.00/yr
      • Own forum for posting
      • Banner on Sponsorship Page
      • Permission to post ads on NJRC's Facebook page
      • NJRC Sponsor banner
    • SILVER - Cost: $150.00/yr
      • Shared "Vendor Sales" forum with other Silver Sponsors
      • Permission to post ads on NJRC's Facebook page

Here are the different Member-Only For Sales Listing that NJRC offers:

***These are additional to the membership

    • Member_Silver - Cost: $65.00/yr
      • 40 listings/mth (480 listing/yr) of items for sale***
    • Member_Bronze - Cost: $35.00/yr 
      • 25 listings/mth (300 listing/yr) of items for sale***

***NJRC is a non-for profit organization, as such we are driven by Federal guidelines that prevent NJRC from functioning in for-profit ways (AKA primarily operating as a marketplace) as such we much limit these activities accordingly 

How to Pay:

  • In person at one of our monthly meetings.
  • Online via PayPal - please note there is a small transaction fee when paying online.

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