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you had some interest in some of the items in my post for the 125g - was there anything in particular you were looking for?
I am selling a 75g with diy stand, i will let tank and stand go for 100- standard tank , not reef ready if interested tank is in ridgefield park
How much would you sell it for? If you could meet me Sunday around 5 at ACC and the price is agreeable, I'll take it. Thx.

718 309 6159
Snooze and lose.
I wnat them, but I didn't want to step on Momof6 if she was considering, so I played diplomatic to not rush her or make her feel pressured.
Then goat stepped on us both.
If it falls through with him, and if Momof6 doesn't take them, I will.
Hey Mark, I will let you know, you sent the 2nd post so you're second in line. I sent momo a message and waiting on her response.