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    Looking for salt deals

    Amazon sells IO bucket for $38 now.
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    Live Streaming from Hawaii

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    Lighting for 75 gal All t5 are the same but not all t5 fixtures are not the same. However these are designed for the reef hobby and have individual...
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    Lighting for 75 gal

    If you're the DYI kind of guy, why not build a T5 hybrid with a pair of T5s and the LED you currently have. You can get retro kit for about $120 and a pair of bulbs for $45 for a total of $165. And there are always people selling T5 fixtures for next to nothing.
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    Bonsai Reef

    So I thought the corals look good but just the SPS not doing too much. Haven't measured ALK for a long time so figure I would check. 5.2 DKH. I guess it's time to dose now :)
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    WTT Yellow watchman Goby

    You can have them without the fish for the return of favor!
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    Reefer 250

    that totall works. but you might not have space to mount two LEDs. One LED will not have the coverage for a 36” tank.
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    WTT Yellow watchman Goby

    I have sinaria and palys. But need a time to get to you
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    Reefer 250

    Get the light that is the same width as the tank. T5 does not project much lights beyond the end point. I use one of the presets from Radion. The LED runs 12 hours and the T5's 5 hours. When the T5's are on the LED basically just provide some shimmer but most of the visible lights are coming...
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    Reefer 250

    3 blue+ 1 purple. I have seen 2b+, c+ and 1 actinic. I like the later a little better. The actinic makes the color very sharp. it is really a personal preference.
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    Bonsai Reef

    The diamond goby doing what it does. It has really made a nice cave for itself after exploring different part of the tank. I have no corals on the sand bed except a couple of ricordias. maybe i will destroy his home hurricane ida style and see it got rebuilt … this is taken from my webcam.
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    Reefer 250

    I used them for 18 to 24 months. BRS did a video and found out they last a lot longer than the 9 to 12 suggested usable life. It about $90 for 4 bulbs.
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    Algae Identification & Methods to Remove

    That nutrient in the water needs somewhere to go, or it will grow algae. Use a nutrient export method that will compete with the algae the algae will be gone over time.
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    Reefer 250

    As far as light go, I have T5 + Radions. I like the clean look of the combo. One wire going down the corner of the tank. Very thin panel. T5 is what worked for me for SPS. I have seem great LED-lit SPS tanks but T5 is easier and cheaper. The brightness cannot be achieve with LED. And if you do...
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    Moving- I need to empty my Tanks 07921

    I offered to buy something. After two initial messages nothing. I hate when people do this. Just say something no hard feelings don't ask a question then nothing ...