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    Activated Carbon Pellets

    Good comparison honestly made me chuckle lol, I have someone interested in picking it up today.
  2. jd120988

    Activated Carbon Pellets

    I considered it but once I got the rox in I decided to just use that instead. I figure if I can help someone else save a few bucks then that'll make me happy.
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    Activated Carbon Pellets

    It's crazy how it's constantly improving. My last tank before my current 65 was about 4 years ago and when I was piecing this setup together I was blown away with the advancements in just 4 years.
  4. jd120988

    Activated Carbon Pellets

    It'll be awhile before I need anymore myself but I'm going to look into it just for the heck of it in case I decide to switch.
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    Activated Carbon Pellets

    So far I'd have to agree. I had picked up the pellets in an emergency a couple months back when I got dinos but haven't ran them since I got rid of the dinos. I wanted to start running carbon permanently so I needed the best quality I could get, the general consensus pointed to rox .8 so I'm...
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    Activated Carbon Pellets

    Anybody need an almost full container of carbon. It's open but I only ran one bag of it and decided to pick up brs rox .08 instead. Pickup only brick 08723. Pm for address.
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    Olive sand sifting periscope snail

    I know i have a problem I honestly had no clue that it wasn't a nassarius and I didn't see the tag for it so I thought gigantic nassarius. Had I seen a tag i would have Googled it and walked away. Not my usual petco either so it wasn't close to home to bring back by time I got home. Oh well I...
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    Olive sand sifting periscope snail

    Well I did it again. I thought I was buying one type of sea critter and purchased something completely different. I seen this monster crawling around the tank and thought wow what a huge nassarius snail that'll do a fine job cleaning my sand bed. Well once I got home and noticed the name on the...
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    WTB Easy Beginner Corals (Near Toms River area)

    I have a frag of orange Monti cap and a frag of alien eye chalice you can have for free, I'm in brick. Let me know!
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    Surprise Move

    Hey bud I have some orange Monti cap frags and a frag of alien eye chalice I can give you if you don't have already to get you going again. Let me know.
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    CB Rainbow Space Monster Paly Colonies, JF Electric Green Hammer, and Neon Duncans

    If I'm out in that area I'll be contacting you for some Duncans. Glws
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    Surgery super sale...frags frags frags

    I call bs on that lol