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    Nuvo 200INT Dream tank, (a build thread and I can't write a Thread)

    Good luck with the transfer sounds like you have a nice plan put together already. Are you moving a sand bed?
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    "Suitcasing" at RAP?

    Unfortunately this goes on at just about every frag show. Vendors who have not purchased booth passing out sticker/coupons/flyers and trying to sell stuff at the shows. It does undercut and piss off all the vendors who bought booths.
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    Frag Swaps: Myth or History?

    Paintman, you threw some epic ones. Was just talking to @Mark_C about doing one down in our neighborhood this month. We will try and nail a date down soon.
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    Frag Swaps: Myth or History?

    NJRC used to throw a yearly frag swap going back to before MACNA so maybe 2005ish time (before my time so guesstimating) and yes we hosted MACNA Atlantic city in 2009. After that we went back to running a yearly one and we went from small ones in firehouses (like 15-20 vendors) up to bigger...
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    Tank Upgrade

    Gorgeous tank, looking forward to the build. What do you have in mind with it?
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    Rap pick up

    Was that from zoanthids.com? He had a couple of those and they were gorgeous.
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    Ultimate Corals Reefapalooza NY Teaser Pics

    Thanks again for the dipping dots acro, it is a gorgeous piece.
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    RAP Ny

    Here is a nice walkthrough to give you an idea of what it is like to attend. https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/video/reef-a-palooza-2022/reefapalooza-ny-walkthrough/?mc_cid=3e6f2c47b6&mc_eid=c15094b74d
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    RAP Ny

    Oh man we were gunning for that setup too, they are so nice. Funny story, we won a jellyfish setup back at the Colorado MACNA but we really didn't have the spot for it nor the time for it so we sold it. Now we have the perfect space and time for it and don't have one. Glad to see someone in...
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    RAP Ny

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    RAP Ny

    Got back a few hours ago and we had a great time. Got some frags from some of our favorites and a some from a few new vendors. Thank you to kschweer for the recommendation on the torch, we grabbed one from the same vendor. Always great to see some old vendors and of course some of the new...
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    RAP Ny

    On our way up
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    Memory Test

    We did have a fish vet specialist speak at Sonnys house years ago. I set it up and I am still drawing a blank on his name.
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    RAP Ny

    Yes, we go up to the shop to grab the fish so no shipping stress. Some gorgeous fish, will also be interested to see the coloration of that adult fish.
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    RAP Ny

    We got a captive raised regal angel and a captive raised borb from him that are doing well (fingers crossed). Excited to see what else shows up.