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    Flooded -giving up

    Sorry to hear about the flooding, hopefully just a break in the hobby that many of us go through.
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    Tank Service

    Ethan as aquatic obesssions or reefco depending on where you are located
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    There's a creature in my sump

    I would say sponge
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    Great Petco in brick

    They also hired one of the ex employees from Trop, everything looked amazing when we were there on Saturday.
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    210 gallon tank basement fishroom build

    i assume the water saver doesnt have as much waste water? Curious on how that works for you as i would be interested in one.
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    29 biocube pics

    What are you dosing with the pumps and what are your nitrate levels?
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    Muriatic or bleach? Semi-emergency upgrade.

    Acid wash and dr Tim’s or something similar to really kickstart the cycle.
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    Fish Color

    Chevron tang and pinnatus batfish are very similar in that regard, gorgeous juvi colors, and not great adult colors.
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    Bonsai Reef

    Pygmy angels might be nipping the polyps
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    Check out this neat looking fish

    Gorgeous fish with great personalities. Needs a pretty deep sandbed, and they are collected in cooler water so really should be kept around 72 degrees. They can develop Blue spot disease and just start rotting away (not pretty) and they are prolific jumpers. We have tried several over the...
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    N*SYNC? Backstreet Boys or bust we should have a bunch of monti frags for the raffle/giveaway
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    Jumping Fish

    The new screen tops are just so easy to use and look so good, I would not over think it. My fish hit the middle all the time, so I don’t think it Would be as effective as a screen top
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    Fish for sale

    Alright, now we are going somewhere. Do you have any pics of the fish?
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    Fish for sale

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    Ebay pods

    We used the vase method with a ton of success on tiger pods. Didn't even run the airstone and just exchanged tank water with the vase. I will get Nikki to do a write up of it, it was extremely simple.