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    Trading Rainbow bubbletip Anemones for Shrimp

    anyone here trading shrimp off for a rainbow bubble tip looking for cleaners or fire the anemones are soft ball sized
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    WTB fluval Sea Evo 13.5gallon

    yup just did that
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    WTB fluval Sea Evo 13.5gallon

    thats interesting didnt even know that
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    WTB or WTT for a 75 Gallon Tank

    looking to either buy or trade for a 75gallon tank thinking of upgrading my cube into a 75gallon looking to trade rainbow anemones for it softball sized mostly looking for a tank only unless you have a decent setup you looking to just get rid of please let me know - 973-900-0939
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    WTB fluval Sea Evo 13.5gallon

    Looking to buy a 13.5gallon Fluval Evo V saltwater kit tank for a family member. text me at - 973-900-0939
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    WTB 30-40 Gallon ALL in One Tank (biocube)

    looking to buy a 30-40 Gallon all in one tank for a family member, text me at 973-900-0939 must be all in one something like a BioCube shoot me a message.
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    Anyone want to trade some Gym equipment or weights for rainbow Bubble tip

    anyone looking to trade some gym stuff for a rainbow bubble tip 3 inches+ got two of them
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    filtration system ideas advice?

    thanks bud love the area not a big fan on the commute to rutherford haha but well worth it for the value of the house
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    filtration system ideas advice?

    how do you have yours connected? whole seperate line or you got it connected to the kitchen sink ?
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    filtration system ideas advice?

    hello, so i bought a house in hopatcong, moving my fish tank over this week ive been buying all my water for the tank in 5 gallon jugs for water changes got really annoying now haha, so im thinking of getting water filter system for cooking water / fish tank but dont really want to slow my water...
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    Shrimp Dying any ideas?

    hey guys, so my tanks been running for a solid 2 years now, at one point i had 2 cleaner 2 blood shrimp in a 40 gallon cube, there was never any issues between the groups cleaners hung on the top portion of the rocks bloods in the caves. about 2 months ago i lost 2 cleaners randomly all their...
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    Anyone here work for Verizon / Tech installer?

    hey anyone here work for verizon, im currently looking for a new job and been trying to get into verizon for many years i have a good amount of audio video experience along with prewiring / electrical work / data lining or if anyone is looking for a worker in that style of work please let me...
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    looking to buying a house need mortgage advice

    id really appreciate that yah i thought it was way too high after doing some googling