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    Clam cradle

    The clam hammocks are cool but just make sure you cure them like you would dry rock in your sump 1st before you toss em in. They'll get "ugly" and algae covered if you don't
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    Used Fluval Flex 32 Gal. Marine Aquarium- Black

    Is this for trade or sale?
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    Fragging Gorgonians

    You can use coral cutters or scissors but note, they need time to heal. I've found that it would be a few months healing time before they went under the knife again
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    everyone safe from the storm ?

    My basement got flooded last night, we got hit hard here in roselle. The water level was above my basement windows and pouring over and through them. Was a nightmare, stood up pushing water into my sump till about 3am just waiting for the rain to stop
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    48x24x16 Rimless Reef ready has begun!!!

    A tang could work, maybe like a kole tang as they stay on the smaller side for the most part...but I wouldn't do more than 1.
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    Personal Information

    If you become a paid member, then you need to provide your PayPal account information
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    Personal Information

    If I'm right, its just user name and email address. There's options to add in more info but its not necessary
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    The Hacker was back... briefly

    Which thread? Do you have a link for it?
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    Reefer 250

    Unless they glued it together
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    Reefer 250

    It should twist off
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    ProStar Rimless Glass Aquarium

    Has anyone ever heard of or have any experience with this brand? The price is almost half of a cade or a red sea tank with similar features and dimensions. It almost seems too good to be true...
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    It appears this site has a hacker

    bump, The new Pm limit changes have been implemented on the forum, so it should have corrected the issue. Has anyone received any spam-ish looking Pm's recently?
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    Reefer 250

    It looks like a sump and the tall one an ato, but I'm not sure. The small tank, is the ato that comes with the reefer tanks, but I'm assuming that the other person may have used the tall tank as an ato or a maybe a fuge.
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    Reefer 250

    Use a razor blade and some vinegar, that should take it off