Battery Back Up?

So I've been thinking about possibly buying a battery back up.

Does anybody with a little more knowledge know if a computer battery back up would work the same as something like the Ecotech one?
Kinda like the picture? Or does it need something specific to make it work with tank equipment?


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BRS did a repot on this. The eco tech battery back up is so much better. On the BRS test these batteries didn’t last long. Compared to the ecotech battery back up.
The ecotech also turns your pumps down and runs them for a long time. If you don’t have eco tech pumps you can buy the ice cap one that works with a bunch of different wave makers and return pumps.



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I feel like for the cost of powering all gear a small generator with an inverter will cost the same

Generators only work if you are there to turn it on.
The battery backup turns on automatically.
You don’t need to run a lot of stuff in a emergency
You just need a return pump to move water around.
Also some people live in condos/apt/ townhomes and are not able to run a generator.
I run a UPS and get like 6-8 hours on a small powerhead. Plan on getting the icecap back up once its shot. The ups is better than nothing, but the only backup I knew about at the time was echotech.
CyberSurge ST900U
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I have a back up that will need a new battery.
Batteries are $20-$50 depending on where you get them.
I can get a picture so you see the model and can look into it further.

Maybe a couple corals in trade?
I’m thinking about getting a whole house generator as the house’s next big addition. Easy to sell the wife on it if it means she still gets her AC when it’s hot out lol
I'll sell you my ecotech backup if you want. I have a generator now so doubt I'll use it. actually, I never even got to use it !! which is good thing