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Equipment Sale, Reeflink, Misc - NNJ 07481 UPDATED 4/20


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Lost my tank Tuesday due to leak so I’m shutting it down. Pickup is at Town Hall in Wyckoff, NJ 07481.

Message for pics.

Radion XR30PRO G3 $200 (last thing to sell) PENDING
Reeflink (last thing to sell) $70
Maxijet Utility Pump1800 BNIB $30
Apex Jr $150 (need a few days before selling) PENDING
Apex EB4 $75 (need a few days before selling) PENDING
2 Panorama Pro LED with reflectors (one blue, one blue and white but some bulbs are burned out). 1 blue and magenta stunner strip fully functional. 2 power supplies and 2 inline dimmer modules. $15 OBO
Clear acrylic tank cover 23.5 x 19 Net has torn off so only the frame is available. $5
Cabinet for sump and controllers. 2 Doors in front (not pictured) and two doors on top. 36L x 19D x 34H $25 SOLD
BRS 1.1mL Doser $15 Noisy SOLD
BRS 1.1mL Doser
$25 SOLD
Hydor Theo 50W $5 SOLD
Eheim Jäger Heater 50W $10 SOLD
Cobalt Neo-Therm Slim Heater 150W $30 SOLD
Eheim Compact+ 2000 Return Pump $10 (needs cleaning) SOLD
Eheim Feeder $15 SOLD
Feeder Stand $5 SOLD
Ferrion 500mL $5 SOLD
Hydor Mini Heater $5 SOLD
TOM Aqualifter $10 SOLD

More to come as I clean out closet



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Hi, will the cover fit an oceanic biocube 29? it looks like it might? also if it fits I could make an offer on the lights