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Title says it- I have to move long distance and need to sell/rehome my livestock. Unfortunately for me, I also just went through a slight crash. My auto water change removal pump head clogged with calcium so it was basically using the salt water reservoir as an ato. Things aren't the best. For this reason, SPS in the pics are free.

Please make offers on the rest of it.

RR Orange Passion- i think can be saved, pretty big
Tricolor Granulosa
Poor condition Hawkins
Sunset Milli
Spongedes Monti
Tubs Stellata
WWC Green Slimer
Purple Stylo
Lots of wwc green/purple montis

Frogspawn, only about 8 heads still alive -30
Bubble Coral- old and big - 100
Cotton Candy Torch - 150
Candy Cane tons of heads -30
Red Acan - 40
Orange Acan -30
Green and Purple Acan -30
Blasto Orange Mint center -30
Avatar Chalice (comes on a rock) -50
Cherry Garcia Chalice -50
Mummy Eye Chalice (comes on rock) -50
Hollywood Stunner chalice -free

Package only:
Many head green w/purple tip hammer and the 2 clowns that live in it, one black occelaris, one snowflake 150

One lyretail anthia female 20
good size, healthy hippo tang 100
A blue green chromis Free

Planning to keep most of the equipment to set up again in the future but open to offers:
Kessil AP700 with A Series mounting arms
Radion XR15 Pro with mounting arm
Waterbox cube 20
Vortech MP10 (2)
Vortech MP40
Kessil A80 Tuna Blue with gooseneck and spectral Controller
Simplicity 120 Skimmer
Trigger Sapphire 5 gallon ATO Reservoir
New CO2 Scrubber


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Not sure why I cannot message you, but please text me 917-513-7575 or shoot me a message here. Interested in the fish and a few other things and can drop by tomorrow. Thanks!