New addition to family


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Hi. Been afk for while. Hope all is well. Esp. w recent events from Ida. Wanted share new addition w the club. Stay safe all


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Took a long time to find and it’s been on the bucket list. Fortunate to have found it. Ty to TSM Aquatics. Matt and Ash are great people. Quality service and livestock.


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I’ve been saving for a bit. U can chk for pricing on line. I have an redsea xl 300. Which is Prbly on the smaller size but the tank is mature and filling in. Daily husbandry, maintenance, testing etc. protecting the investment.


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Borbonius (blotchy) anthia. A little difficult to find right now cuz they're seasonal... They tend to be available during the winter months. You might find a couple kicking around from last season, but they should be fully back in stock within a couple months.

Salgado Aquatics had them the cheapest last season for $180 each. Harry's Marine Life also has them dropping down to $200 on sale.


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one of my favorites!! I've had about 5 in the past. my recent pair I lost when tank got velvet. love me some blotchys!! I'm waiting til they are back in stock again to pick up a pair or a trio.