RO waist water

Hello all. This is a little off the SW topic, but I was curious of what people do with the RO waste water. I was thinking of using it for my FW water changes. I figured it is still tap(well) water that was ran through a sediment and 2 carbon filters. I don't think it would hurt anything. I'd hate to just have it run out into the lawn. Just seeing what others might think about this.

Also checked the pH and it was 7.4 on the waist water.


Officer Emeritus
Officer Emeritus
I collect my waste water in a 55 gallon drum that has a MAG 18 in it and use the water for the washing machine (top loader = water hog).

You're fine using it in the FW have approximately 25-30% increase in TDS, and that shouldn't be an issue in New Jersey....typical raw water TDS 200-300. Not like Arizona, where you can find water that is the 1000-1200 TDS. Need to chew that water! :oo: