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    Electrical adaptor help

    I have a Reefi uno that I am adding to a T5 hybrid fixture. The light wont fit when the adaptor is connected to the light. I need to buy a DC right angle adaptor in order for it to fit. I did so on ebay and it didnt work. Light would not turn on. Im not an eletrical guru but Im sure it has to do...
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    WTB dry rock

    Looking for clean 20lbs dry rock. Would be nice if it was never used. Hoping to find in the hunterdon county area
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    Dangerdave reduction sale

    Damn wish you were closer. Anyone want to pick up some frags for me?
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    Reefer 250

    Can anyone give insight on how the cabinet doors should work for the red sea cabinets? I bought mine used and as you can see I finally sat the tank atop the cabinet and its very difficult to open the doors. It seems like the gray push out hinges should work similar to the pushing motion in order...
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    Sexy shrimp

    Sexy shrimp scare me. Tried them way back when in 6 gal jbj and they were eating all my coral. I never wanted to trie again
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    Magnets used in watrr

    They came in today. Superglued to the holder for the heater and worked like a charm. Thanks for the recommendation
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    Reefer 250

    Found these T5 bulbs on amazon for better pricing than the ATI bulbs. Im okay to spend more if ATI bulbs are better but any ideas if these are equivalent...
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    Frag tanks sold, need to sell all contents!

    How much for the torch?
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    Magnets used in watrr

    Trying to create a DIY magnet holder for my heater. The auction cups never work for me. Anyone know where I can buy magnets that wont rust in saltwater?
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    Reefer 250

    Damn. I was hoping to save some cash on the fixture getting the 24. I planned to keep lps on the sides mostly. Do you think that will work?
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    Reefer 250

    Also for all hybrid users, how exactly do you blend your leds with the t5s? Do you eely on heavy blue with t5s and whites on leds? Or just set leds accordingly and pop in the bulbs?
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    Reefer 250

    Ok so the plan is to get a 24in T5 (4 bulbs) with 2 reefi unos.
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    Reefer 250

    Man this is gonna be way more complicatef then I thought :(
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    New addition to family

    Wow. How much and what size tank do you need?