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    Hope everything turns out okay.
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    Are you still looking for a home for the clownfish?

    Are you still looking for a home for the clownfish?
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    Stem Class

    I was hoping you guys could help me get the word out by sharing this flyer on your social media. In return, I would like to offer a similar class to the children of NJReefers at no charge. I will run the NJReefer class mid June through July. More details to follow. Please shoot me a message so...
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    Please help

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Seems like the consensus is hair algae. I will brush the rocks down again trying to be more careful not to let it escape into the water column. When i brushed the rock short once before and tangs and snails didn't help out, I started wondering if it was something...
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    University Coral Farm Needs Your Support!!

    I would like help. I have frags I can donate. Send me a pm.
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    Please help

    Tangs don’t touch it.
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    Please help

    I am battling high nitrates and phosphates but I want to make sure I correctly identify what is growing so I know what I am dealing with.
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    Please help

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    Please help

    My 220 display is quickly deteriorating. Please offer suggestions on how to resolve. If it’s algae I know I have to reduce the light and the nutrients but if it’s something else I could use some advice. I’ve cleaned a number of times and it breaks up and ends up all over the tank. Also once...
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    Surgery super sale...frags frags frags

    Everything opened up and looks great. Thanks again and great meeting you. If you are fragging something I didn't get let me know. I may have to come back down.
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    I had floated this idea once before and I didn't get any response. Maybe it was thought of as a joke. Who actually requests aiptasia? Well I have a Reef in a Jar program I am very close to launching and I need hardy inhabitants. So if you have a small piece of rock with aiptasia or mojanos you...
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    WTB Zoas!

    I have cornbred white zombie.
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    Sergeant Majors

    I have a possible pair. Large one is 4-5 inches the other around 3 inches. Let me know what you have.
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    93 gallon cube NNJ - 07660

    I may have something if trade falls through.
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    What makes it a bounce?

    Do these mushroom have a name? Any suggestions on reference source for mushroom ID? Also what are they worth?