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    3 AIhydra 26HD & Rollermat

    Looking to clear out some things, thinking of moving. We are in southjersey, 5 minutes from TSM! 3 AI Hydra 26HD lights, pretty much brand new (other than collecting dust) had set them up and then taken down because of a switch to Radions. Looking for 250$ each. If anyone is interested I have...
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    New SPS tank!

    Okay so after a bit of a delay we are getting rolling again! I think I have a rock structure I like but am looking for some opinions! We are mainly going sticks in this tank so I am hoping this looks good for it. I am in the process of connecting the return pump and moving the MP40 into...
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    New SPS tank!

    So a bit of an update. Luckily we didn't lose power at all during the storm! Tank wise Steph and I leveled out the tank, turns out we needed shims because our floor isn't level..... joy. Ever go down to where you store all of your fish stuff only to realize you have the pumps you were...
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    New SPS tank!

    In general Steph is a pretty calm person. Depending on the night we feed the baby once or twice through the night and she generally sleeps through it... recently though she has been getting up because she is rolling around more.
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    New SPS tank!

    it was pretty awful, i had to get a newer set of instructions to figure out what I needed to use at one point. I am still not sure its 100% correct lol Also my headset is annoying to wear while I am doing stuff, I need to get a standing mic if I am going to do this again! well hope ya had...
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    New SPS tank!

    okay so we have the stand "put together" and have the tank on it per the instructions. What a pain in the butt! Now we just have to even it out, put in the floor (of the stand) and start working on plumbing/the sump! Its all coming together pretty nicely so far. I'd like to work on the rock this...
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    Heating up over at Ultimate Corals (TONS OF PICS)

    is 169 an alien invader pectinia?
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    New SPS tank!

    So I was going to stream the whole thing but my dad tried to surprise me and build it while I was at the dentist.... he gave up as I pulled into the driveway lol! I am streaming it here: I will eventually upload it to a youtube channel for anyone that wants to watch.
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    New SPS tank!

    So just a quick update, the tank came in and from what I can tell no cracks! I have always steered away from getting tanks delivered because of this. Tonight starts the assembly. I might actually stream the assembly but we shall see how that goes! I only took one picture because I was in a...
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    New SPS tank!

    Hey guys! its been awhile since I updated my old builds/done something new. Our old tanks are still up and running but I decided I wanted to try something 'new'. Sooooo I bought a red sea reefer 525XL and it gets here tomorrow! So some of the things I wanted to focus on in this build was...
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    Hey everyone!

    Steph and I took a bit of time away from the hobby due to us having our daughter! We are finally getting back in gear with things now that shes 7 months old. We have a new build starting tomorrow as long as the shipment comes in! Hope to see you all around once the crazyness ends! I will most...
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    High End 180 Gallon Tank and Equipment - Kendall Park, NJ $2,000.00 Including Bubble King

    Are the hydra 52s HD? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    350# Tonga Live Rock and a bunch of other stuff

    Pm sent! :) Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    2 x Kessil A80/ Kessil H80 and Kessil Spectral controller X $300

    Pm sent :) Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Gryphon Band Saw and 6 Stage RODI

    bump saw sold