anyone here using a " bean animal " plumbing setup


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anyone here using a bean animal plumbing setup and has good knowledge of it cause im stunned by this thing cant seem to figure it out not sure if its my sump or the way im doing the plumbing...
the tank i bought off somone has a flow box with 3 holes " all the same height " 2 of 3 are suppose to be the drain lines the 3rd is the emergency line
2 are suppose to have 90 degree elbos the emergency is elbo up wards if the water rises too high by clogging the other 2
in the videos ive noticed 1 elbo is lower then 2nd one but mine are like half an high from the bottom of the box so not sure how the guy before me did this but its getting a full siphon on one line the other is slowish
if i put my hand over the drain it like sucks my fingers in the other doesnt do that which is supposedly right?

now my sump is 15 inches high when i turn my pump off the sump fills to 12 inches when i turn the pump on the return chamber drops to about 6 inches rest stay at like 9 is that normal?
im pretty sure the strain before my return chamber isnt low enough?
anyone here have good knowledge of this crap cause its annoying lol


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It's just a herbie overflow with an emergency drain that is completely dry when operating. I use a herbie for my DT. It's nice and quiet since it runs a syphon. It's oversized for my flow, so the emergency drain which sees a tiny bit of waterflow can handle the entire flow even without a syphon.

In the reef room I don't care so much. A durso set up is running on each of the frag tanks. Cheap and easy. If you do this, you MUST use a grate over the piping, even on the pipe inside of any overflow box. It's very easy for a snail to get in and block the flow causing an overflow. Ask me how I know lol...

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The three standpipes in your overflow should be at different heights. The one that is the lowest and sits a few inches below the waterline should be your siphon. It should have a gate valve on it and the line should discharge below the waterline in your sump. When you adjust the gate valve it should be set so that the water level in the overflow is a few inches above the top of that standpipe creating a siphon. The second line is your drain. When you adjust the gate valve for the siphon, your aiming to get the water level in your overflow to be just equal to the heigh of this second standpipe so that the water just barely overflows into it. If the water level gets too high this second line should turn into a siphon temporarily. Without the gate valve on the 2nd line the siphon would break quickly on it as the water drains. You’ll hear a gurgling noise that will let you know it needs adjustment. The 3rd looped is an emergency drain standpipe for the 3rd line is higher than the other two and should only get water in it if one of the other two get clogged. I normally have the outlet of this line discharge above the water line in the sump so that if I hear it, I know something is wrong.
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Will make a dumb comment here. When I had my first sump with dorso overflow I had a similar issue. The return chamber kept running low and had to add more water and adjust my valves to obtain the correct level.